15 Things To Do In Singapore On A Rainy Day: Best Ideas For When Cabin Fever Hits

Rainy Days
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With cool temperatures and rhythmic pitter-patter beating away outside, rainy days are perfect for sleeping in and lazing about at home. We love sweater weather but what happens when cabin fever hits and you wish to get out of home in search of fun things to do in Singapore on a rainy day?

Have no fear, we have some great ideas on what to do in Singapore on a rainy day. Here are some of our favourite activities.

Best Things To Do In Singapore On A Rainy Day

#1. Pop Into a Museum

Crystal Universe
Crystal Universe at ArtScience Museum

Singapore is home to plenty of museums and new exhibitions are always coming up throughout the year. One of the best ways to spend rainy days in Singapore is in a museum. We recommend a larger museum such as National Museum of Singapore, if you are interested in whiling away the hours. National Gallery Singapore and its Keppel Centre for Art Education is good too, especially if you are driving to the museum; you won’t even have to get wet and you can admire the various art collections housed there. Other good museums to visit include ArtScience Museum and Changi Experience Studio, where there is interactive fun for everyone.  if you are looking for things to do in Singapore on a rainy day.

#2. Put a Spring in Your Step

Canopy Park - Bouncing Net

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Sometimes, you just need to get moving about! And if you need to stretch your legs, how about springing about all up and down. One of the things that you can do while it is raining outside is bounce away to your heart’s content at one of the trampoline parks in Singapore. Or you can combine the suspended netted experience with a visit to the shopping mall at AirZone or visit Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park for its bouncing and walking nets.

#3. Reach for New Heights

Reaching the top of the wall

Rock-climbing is no longer requires sweating it out under the hot sun. When it is raining outdoors, you can go climbing indoors in air-conditioned comfort at malls like Kallang Wave, Aperia Mall and Funan Mall. To mix things up a bit, try the colourful climbing walls at Clip ‘n Climb at Our Tampines Hub in the East of Singapore or the family-friendly BFF Climb for those staying in the West.

#4. Escape to a Different Reality

Sandbox VR - Things to Do When It is Raining in Singapore

Rainy weather getting you down, how about transporting yourself to a different world instead? You and the squad can take up arms and fight against zombies at virtual reality spots in Singapore such as HeadRock VR and Sandbox VR. Want something less intense but no less exciting? Try working together as a group to solve the puzzle one-by-one in order to make your escape from the locked room at locations such as Amazing Chambers Singapura. Or just hang out with your mates at a board game cafe like King and The Pawn.

#5. Have a Ball

Bowling at Westgate Timezone

While it is pouring outside, you can still play a round of mini golf at Holey Moley at Clarke Quay. The establishment has a restaurant too, so you can hit the nineteenth hole without even stepping outside. Another way to “have a ball” is to pay a visit to one of the bowling alleys around Singapore. Alternatively, for those with young children, the mini bowling or Roll-a-Ball game at TimeZone Westgate may be more your speed.

#6. Get a Catch

Prawning pond at Fish@Bugis+

Even if it is raining, you can still rent a rod and try to land a catch at Fish@Bugis+. Enjoy spot of prawning or to try to catch freshwater lobsters (yabbies) at this indoor, rooftop prawn-fishing pond.

#7. Search Out a Library

Bedok Public Library at Heartbeat@Bedok

Time to exercise the plastic card. No, not the credit card, the library card. Pay a visit to a library and search out your favourite tomes to read. Some of our favourite libraries to visit include the massive Tampines Regional Library, Bedok Library, library@HarbourFront and Bukit Panjang Library.

#8. Visit a Cat Café

Posing for pictures with cats

On cool, rainy days, you can seek out the company of equally cool felines at one of Singapore’s cat cafes. Admission typically includes a drink and interaction time with the kitties. Do take note that there is usually a minimum age for children at these cat cafes.

#9. Dive into Life in the Water

River Safari - Things to Do in Singapore When It is Raining

When it is raining, a visit to an aquatic-themed attraction seem oddly appropriate. River Safari is one of the outdoor attractions which has a sheltered walkway that runs around the park. This makes the majority animals viewable. You can not only see the pandas along with other animals like the Giant Mekong Catfish and Manatees too. The exceptions being the boat ride and the squirrel monkeys. Another attraction teeming with aquatic life which you can visit when it is raining outside is the S.E.A. Aquarium.

#10. Glide With Grace

JCube The Rink

It may be pouring outside but at least the ice is nice inside. Go skating at The Rink at Jcube where you can spend two hours pretending to be a penguin sliding around the Olympic-sized rink, or use a penguin skating aid help you get started. An alternative skating rink is Kallang Ice World in the east of Singapore or for those who are happy to skate on wheels, there is the HiRoller Indoor Skating Rink at Downtown East.

#11. Exercise Your Creativity

18 Pottery, Clay and Ceramic Art Studios Offering Pottery Classes In Singapore (Especially For Families)

There are many different ways to get creative around Singapore. Give art jamming a try and see if the change in environment invites the muse into your life. Or, if you are ready to spin the wheel and get your hands dirty, how about signing up for a pottery class in Singapore? Alternatively, if trick shots are more your speed, pay a visit to the Trick Eye Museum for some memorable mementoes.

#12. Indoor Play

Amazonia Indoor Playground

Kids itching for a playground? Thankfully, there are plenty of indoor playgrounds in Singapore which offer plenty of fun. You may need to book a slot in advance but you can expect an hour or two where the kids can run about silly exploring and having fun. There are some playgrounds that you can even book out like a boss!

#13. Watch a Movie

Popcorn at the movies
Photo credit: Wahlander on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC

What’s the latest show in town? Rainy days are perfect for catching the latest movie at the cinema. Buy some popcorn and settle down in the plush, comfy seat for an hour or two. If you haven’t done so yet, you can try out the D-Box motion system at Bishan. Or stay home and watch some tween movies with a nice cup of hot chocolate instead.

#14 Take a Nature Walk Indoors

Canopy Park & Changi Experience Studio Reopening

Missing the lush greenery of the outdoors? One of the things to do in Singapore when it is raining outside is to take in the greenery without getting wet! Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome and Cloud Forest dome allow you to immerse yourself in nature in cool comfort. Or head over to the the Shisheido Forest Valley for a “hike” up to Canopy Park to enjoy greenery with the sound of a waterfall nearby.

#15. Indulge in Some Comfort Food

Beauty In The Pot, OneKM: Amazing Outdoor Children’s Playground & Princess Pink Theme

One of the best things to do in Singapore while it is raining outside is to simply indulge in some gastronomic delights. Want to while away the time in front of a hot plate with the kids? How about doodling with some dough? Our favourite spot is Slappy Cakes. Or for a hearty meal on a cold day, it is hard to beat a visit to a hot pot restaurant or a bowl of steaming hot ramen.

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