Babies / Toddlers (Under 3s)

Baby & Toddlers If you’re a parent here in Singapore with a baby or toddler under three years of age, Little Day Out’s Babies And Toddlers page is where you can get ideas on tried and tested baby products, where to bring your ilttle one and some tips and advice on your parenting journey.



We Tried Three: Lunch Boxes For Kids

Trina reviews three of the trendiest lunch boxes for kids and shares with us her thoughts on which one seals the deal.When you watch me swiftly whipping out food after food to feed - or bribe -...

Unboxed: Oribel’s VertiPlay Wall Toys Review – More Fun, Less Clutter!

Trina and her daughter give Oribel's VertiPlay Wall Toys a try and discover the joys of thoughtful design and that playtime need not to end up with the home looking like a hurricane just...

We Tried Three: Wet Wipes For Baby

Every parent will agree that wet wipes for baby are a newborn essential one just cannot live without. In the first year of baby’s life, it will feel like you require an endless supply...

Where to Go

Kith Cafe at Marina Square

Kith Café at Marina Square: Toddler-Friendly Café In Town

I’d chanced upon Kith Café at Marina Square when I was out and about with my then 8-month-old baby, and since then, I’ve remained a big fan of that particular outlet. It’s almost embarrassing...
Early Literacy Spaces: Libraries For Young Children In Singapore

Early Literacy Spaces: Libraries For Young Children In Singapore

Early literacy libraries and spaces allow children to be introduced to the joy of books and reading from a young age. Incorporated into selected National Library Board (NLB) public libraries, these spaces within libraries...
The Artground

The Artground: For the Curious and Creative

Kids have a new stomping ground in The Artground, a brand new multi-disciplinary children’s arts centre at Goodman Arts Centre.Opening its doors to the public from 8 July 2017, The Artground offers a place...

Nursing Rooms & Family Lounges

01 Tanglin Nursing Rooms copy

Where To Find Nursing Rooms At The Tanglin End Of Orchard Road

Shopping with kids can be a seriously stressful experience- one second they’re giggling, the next they may be wailing and demanding to be fed or changed. Ah, the joys and pains of parenthood. Thankfully,...

Where To Find Nursing Rooms In The Singapore CBD

Calling all working mums! We know that it’s an uphill battle to juggle between a full-time career and the responsibilities of a full-time mum especially when you choose the path of exclusively breastfeeding. Looking...

Baby Essentials: What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

With newborns comes a lot of new and familiar territories; from swaddling to keeping track of how many wet diapers your newborn has had.And when it comes time for baby to make his or...

Guide to Nursing Rooms in Singapore

View a Bookmarkable List of 100+ Nursing Rooms in Singapore!

01 funan nursing room 1
Sound Matching Activity Materials

Exposing Your Child to Music from a Young Age

  “As a parent, I want my child to be introduced to the world of music from an early age. Music is a language, and just as a child picks up English by observing and...

5 Fun Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Children

Before I became a mum, I imagined lazy days exploring playgrounds, and staying in with my daughter to craft or play with homemade rainbow rice.The reality is that there are errands to run, and...

Top 5 Apps For Parents With Young Children That I Keep On My Phone

The contents of my phone have changed drastically since becoming a mum. Pre-children, my phone was dedicated to reading emails, the news, social media, and a lot of messaging. Post-children, my phone is now...


How to Prepare for Your Child's First Time at Nursery?

How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Time At Nursery?

When your little one goes off to nursery for the first time, it may feel like an end of a big chapter. It might be challenging for your child to adapt to a new...

Play In The City At MindChamps PreSchool @ Concorde Hotel (Orchard)

One of the largest playgrounds along Orchard Road not only has slides that children can enjoy but also a play-pretend road, complete with white lane markings, that little ones can imagine they are driving...

Preparing Your Child For Preschool or Kindergarten (And Yourself Too)!

Going to school for the very first time can be a nerve-wrecking experience, particularly for preschoolers who have never been to school. Sometimes, routines, new faces, strange adults, unfamiliar environments can be very overwhelming....