Babies / Toddlers (Under 3s)

Baby & Toddlers If you’re a parent here in Singapore with a baby or toddler under three years of age, Little Day Out’s Babies And Toddlers page is where you can get ideas on tried and tested baby products, where to bring your little one and some tips and advice on your parenting journey.



We Tried Three: Lunch Boxes For Kids

Trina reviews three of the trendiest lunch boxes for kids and shares with us her thoughts on which one seals the deal.When you watch me swiftly whipping out food after food to feed - or bribe -...

Unboxed: Oribel’s VertiPlay Wall Toys Review – More Fun, Less Clutter!

Trina and her daughter give Oribel's VertiPlay Wall Toys a try and discover the joys of thoughtful design and that playtime need not to end up with the home looking like a hurricane just...

We Tried Three: Wet Wipes For Baby

Every parent will agree that wet wipes for baby are a newborn essential one just cannot live without. In the first year of baby’s life, it will feel like you require an endless supply...

Where to Go

e01 Maggie&Rose

Maggie & Rose Singapore: The Family Members’ Club In Dempsey Hill To Eat, Play...

Popular multi-label store, Kids 21, has brought UK-based Family Members’ Club Maggie & Rose to our sunny shores, complete with a bespoke clubhouse in the heart of Dempsey Hill that complements and enhances their...

Splash @ Kidz Amaze: Indoor Water Play at SAFRA Punggol

Located at SAFRA Punggol, Splash @ Kidz Amaze is Singapore’s very first - and largest - indoor water playground. Spanning 24,000 square feet, the whole family will have a great time splashing, sliding, and...
Sunshine Childhood Playland: Indoor Playground In Yishun

Sunshine Childhood Playland: Indoor Playground In Yishun

Tucked away in the South Wing of the newly opened Northpoint City is Sunshine Childhood Playland, one of hundreds of tenants in the newly revamped Yishun megamall.For parents living in the vicinity of Yishun,...

Nursing Rooms & Family Lounges

01 Tanglin Nursing Rooms copy

Where To Find Nursing Rooms At The Tanglin End Of Orchard Road

Shopping with kids can be a seriously stressful experience- one second they’re giggling, the next they may be wailing and demanding to be fed or changed. Ah, the joys and pains of parenthood. Thankfully,...

Baby Essentials: What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

With newborns comes a lot of new and familiar territories; from swaddling to keeping track of how many wet diapers your newborn has had.And when it comes time for baby to make his or...

Where To Find Orchard Road Nursing Rooms

Going out to town with your little tot in tow can get pretty stressful. Babies will fuss, cry and you are put on a state of constant high alert for nearby Orchard Road nursing rooms...

Guide to Nursing Rooms in Singapore

View a Bookmarkable List of 100+ Nursing Rooms in Singapore!

01 funan nursing room 1
Craft Ideas for Kids

Craft Ideas for Kids: 10+ of the Best and Most Creative Websites

Running out of ideas for craft-hungry kids? Fret not! We’ve picked out the best websites offering unique craft ideas for kids, so you can skip the searching, and spend more time bonding. Craft Ideas for...

Books for Under 5s: Start Building Your Child’s Library

Did you know that September is “Read a New Book” month? With that in mind, we rounded up some parents and asked for their suggestions on building up a home library with books for...
Music Lessons for Kids: Listening & Movement Activities You Can Do at Home

Music Lessons for Kids: Listening & Movement Activities You Can Do At Home

Does a child’s music education start with formal music lessons for kids? How does a child learn music and what can parents do at home? Music lessons for children may seem like an elusive...



Preschool That Goes Beyond Classroom Learning – MindChamps PreSchool Leisure Park Kallang

“Location, location, location” are three words that come to mind when describing MindChamps PreSchool Leisure Park Kallang. The Centre, located in a mall known for ‘play’ activities like ice skating and bowling, takes full...

Play is Fun Work at Brighton Montessori

Play is the work of a child, according to Dr Maria Montessori, the founder of the education methodology of the same name. Lots of meaningful play - that’s pretty much all in a day’s work...
MindChamps PreSchool At Nordcom II: 5 Things That Families Living In The North Should Know About This New Centre

MindChamps PreSchool At Nordcom II: 5 Things That Families Living In The North Should...

With over 30 centres in Singapore, MindChamps PreSchool offers premium early childhood education programmes developed by international experts as well as education specialists who have a keen understanding of the local school system.In January...