Babies / Toddlers (Under 3s)

Baby & Toddlers If you’re a parent here in Singapore with a baby or toddler under three years of age, Little Day Out’s Babies And Toddlers page is where you can get ideas on tried and tested baby products, where to bring your little one and some tips and advice on your parenting journey.



We Tried Three: Lunch Boxes For Kids

Trina reviews three of the trendiest lunch boxes for kids and shares with us her thoughts on which one seals the deal. When you watch me swiftly whipping out food after food to feed - or bribe -...

Parent Review: Oribel’s VertiPlay Wall Toys Review – More Fun, Less Clutter!

Trina and her daughter give Oribel's VertiPlay Wall Toys a try and discover the joys of thoughtful design and that playtime need not to end up with the home looking like a hurricane just...

We Tried Three: Wet Wipes For Baby

Every parent will agree that wet wipes for baby are a newborn essential one just cannot live without. In the first year of baby’s life, it will feel like you require an endless supply...

Where to Go

Tayo Station at Downtown East: New Indoor Playground At Pasir Ris

Tayo Station at Downtown East: New Indoor Playground At Pasir Ris

As Downtown East turns 30 and completes its five-year revamp project this year, the numerous new lifestyle offerings will definitely see you East-side more and more. Tayo Station at Downtown East is a brand...
Early Literacy Spaces: Libraries For Young Children In Singapore

Early Literacy Spaces: Libraries For Young Children In Singapore

Early literacy libraries and spaces allow children to be introduced to the joy of books and reading from a young age. Incorporated into selected National Library Board (NLB) public libraries, these spaces within libraries...
Kallang Wave Shopping Mall Water Playground

Ideas for Outdoor Places in Singapore with Toddlers

Find out what it is like visiting different outdoor places in Singapore with toddlers. Little tykes from one to three years old are still finding their feet, in many aspects. Besides having to figure out how the world...

Nursing Rooms & Family Lounges


Where To Find Nursing Rooms In Somerset Area Of Singapore

With the Great Singapore Sale just around the corner, you may be thinking of hitting up the malls at Somerset Orchard to get that cute pair of shoes or handbag that you’ve been eyeing...

Where To Find Orchard Road Nursing Rooms

Going out to town with your little tot in tow can get pretty stressful. Babies will fuss, cry and you are put on a state of constant high alert for nearby Orchard Road nursing rooms...

Where To Find Nursing Rooms In The Singapore CBD

Calling all working mums! We know that it’s an uphill battle to juggle between a full-time career and the responsibilities of a full-time mum especially when you choose the path of exclusively breastfeeding. Looking...

Guide to Nursing Rooms in Singapore

View a Bookmarkable List of 100+ Nursing Rooms in Singapore!

01 funan nursing room 1
How To Pick Just-Right Books For Early Readers

Bite-sized Parenting: How To Pick Just-Right Books For Early Readers

When your child is ready to start reading on his or her own, there are some things to consider when selecting books for early readers just like him or her. How do you pick books...

Bite-sized Parenting: Sleep Training Your Child: Different Approaches And Strategies To Regaining Your Own...

Sleep. It is a precious commodity for parents and children alike. For parents looking to improve the entire family’s quality of sleep, it’s time to consider sleep training your child. With my first son, I didn’t...

Cycling with Baby 101

The wind billows in your hair, lush green fields zoom past you on either side and the worries of the week fall away as you pedal. Why wouldn’t you want to share that with...



Bite-sized Parenting: Preparing Your Child For Preschool or Kindergarten (And Yourself Too)!

Going to school for the very first time can be a nerve-wrecking experience, particularly for preschoolers who have never been to school. Sometimes, routines, new faces, strange adults, unfamiliar environments can be very overwhelming....

MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon: Inside One Of MindChamps’ Largest Centres In Singapore

MindChamps PreSchool Serangoon is amongst the largest of the MindChamps Centres in Singapore. In fact, the Centre is so big that it has its own indoor play area and bustles with the pitter-patter of...
Playing is Learning at My First Skool by NTUC First Campus

Playing is Learning at NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool

“Hello sir, can I take your order? We have spaghetti and pizza on the menu today.” No, this is not a restaurant but a classroom at NTUC First Campus' My First Skool. A corner of...