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Ryan Tay at the Poetry Competition 2018 Prize Presentation

Gratitude: An Appreciation Email To Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is an appreciation email Ryan sent to the organiser, Singapore Botanic Gardens on 27th May 2018, a day after he visited Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens for a poetry competition. He came up...

Behind The Scenes: A Little Day Out with the Costume Maker

By Little Reporters Caitlyn Niles, 8, and Jared Ng, 7 We want to tell you about the time when we went to visit the person who sewed costumes for the play, The Little Red Hen. Her...
Fort Canning Park: Exploring The Battlebox During the Holidays

Fort Canning Park: Exploring The Battlebox During the Holidays

The day before yesterday, my wish finally came true. My mum was willing to take me to the Battlebox at Fort Canning Park!! I could barely sit still on the taxi ride there from...

Pulau Ubin: Our Little Day Out

In early April 2013, many were dismayed to learn that bulldozers could raze Singapore's kampung – Pulau Ubin – to the ground for the development of an adventure park. However, within days, the Singapore Land Authority...
INCREDIBLES 2 Movie Review

INCREDIBLES 2 Movie Review

“Incredibles 2” is a very funny and scary movie! For most people, including myself, the “The Incredibles” was a good Pixar movie. So, we would obviously end up watching “Incredibles 2”.  The movie felt so...

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