About Little Day Out

Little Day Out is a Singapore-based digital media publisher of news and resources on the best of Singapore for families. We provide on-the-ground, curated coverage of family-friendly places, events and activities taking place around Singapore, giving parents and educators a real view of big adventures they can have with their children. 

Little Day Out is published by Big Little Company Pte. Ltd.

Our Philosophy

Being a parent and an educator of young children is a wonderful gift. Time spent with children while they are young creates wonderful memories that can last a lifetime – not just for children, but for adults too.

We believe that memories help to foster strong relationships and DEEP bonds.

That’s not to say that we only advocate going out. We love the magic of the everyday! 

Lasting memories can be created by the simplest and often most precious moments together, such as reading together, playing with toys, or just tucking in the children at night.

What we believe is that we adults play an important role in teaching our kids about the world we live in. Heading out simply gives us more chances to share the wonder of the world with our children.

More importantly, time spent with children is a precious opportunity for us to mould and influence their upbringing. Character is not caught but is something that is passed on from one person to another, one generation to the next, through time and modelled behaviour. We need to live out this behaviour to shape the values of our children.

With Little Day Out and through your own little days out, we hope to help you play your role in shaping the next generation into well-rounded individuals.

Our Vision

Little Day Out aims to unite the kids-focused community in

  • building stronger bonds in the family,
  • enriching the child and
  • developing rootedness through meaningful experiences.

Our Mission

To be the trusted resource for families, educators and kid-lovers in enlarging your child’s world



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