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[Video] A Buzz At BEE AMAZED Garden With John Chong

Meet Singapore's very own Bee Keeper and Educator. We visited the Bee Amazed Garden and chatted with John Chong on the buzz about bees,...

Changi Beach Park: Seaside Getaway

Want to have a beach get away – without having to leave our shores? A day trip to Changi Beach Park may be in...

We Tried Three: Neighbourhood Ice Cream Cafes Under HDB Blocks

There’s an undeniable charm about neighbourhood cafes located under HDB blocks. Sometimes instead of the glitz and glam of  an “instagramable café”, we might...

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Bite-sized Parenting: Books for Under 5s – Start Building Your Child’s Library

Did you know that September is “Read a New Book” month? With that in mind, we rounded up some parents and asked for their suggestions on building up a home library with books for...
Koi at Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

Mainland Tropical Fish Farm: Feed the Fish & Longkang Fishing

Singapore is the world’s largest exporter of ornamental fish. Koi, guppies, and goldfish are among the popular breeds of fish exported and you can view them all at Mainland Tropical Fish Farm in Pasir...
Oasis Water Park

Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East: Community Water Fun At Yishun

It is all about having a splashing good time at the Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East, a popular community water park, located in the midst of a heartland HDB estate in the Yishun...

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How to Prepare for Your Child's First Time at Nursery?

How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Time At Nursery

When your little one goes off to nursery for the first time, it may feel like an end of a big chapter. It might be challenging for your child to adapt to a new...
15 Top Play-based Activities For Pre-Schoolers From GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Educators

15 Top Play-based Activities For Pre-Schoolers From GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Educators

Play-based learning is essential for children, especially pre-schoolers. It allows children to develop the ability to discover the world around them and are crucial in their developmental process. A play-based learning approach is something that...

Bite-sized Parenting: Preparing Your Child For Preschool or Kindergarten (And Yourself Too)!

Going to school for the very first time can be a nerve-wrecking experience, particularly for preschoolers who have never been to school. Sometimes, routines, new faces, strange adults, unfamiliar environments can be very overwhelming....

Resources for Preschoolers

How To Pick Just-Right Books For Early Readers

Bite-sized Parenting: How To Pick Just-Right Books For Early Readers

When your child is ready to start reading on his or her own, there are some things to consider when selecting books for early readers just like him or her. How do you pick books...
Happy Train: Stories, Songs, And Images For Early Brain Development

Happy Train: Stories, Songs, And Images For Early Brain Development

A former educator, I consider myself to be fairly open when it comes to “teaching” my child. I don’t believe in hothousing at this early age - I mean, she’s only 22 months old...
Coding For Kids: Classes In Singapore For Children

Coding For Kids: Get Children Future-Ready With These Tech Classes

Classes which teach coding for kids are increasingly popular. With an eye on the future, coding programmes and courses designed for children provide an engaging way to introduce children to various skills which can...