Preventing Myopia In Kids: How Parents Can Take Steps To Combat Myopia

Preventing Myopia In Kids: Myths & Measures

Myopia, or short-sightedness, happens when far away objects look blurry. This is the result of an elongation of the eyeball which causes the light rays entering the eye to focus in front of the...
Singapore Cancer Society – TalkMed Relay For Life 2021

Singapore Cancer Society – TalkMed Relay For Life 2021

Singapore Cancer Society – TalkMed Relay For Life 2021 offers everyone a chance to CELEBRATE cancer survivors’ and caregivers' triumphs against the disease, REMEMBER loved ones lost to cancer and FIGHT BACK against the...


5 Scenic Running Routes In Singapore To Exercise And Get Some Fresh Air

5 Best Running Routes In Singapore To Get Some Fresh Air & Challenge Yourself

Many say that jogging or running are some of the most effective ways to get cardio into your exercise routine as well as to shed some extra pounds. However, running in the same area...
Timezone Westgate - More than 200 games, bowling and party rooms

Timezone Westgate Has Over 200 Games And Attractions Including Roll-A-Ball, Mini Bowling & Party...

Timezone Westgate has opened! Occupying 18,000 square feet at Basement 2, Timezone’s largest arcade in Singapore has over 200 of the latest games and attractions.Timezone Westgate ZonesThe arcade has three different zones to cater...
Chinatown Food Street images

Chinatown Food Street Reopens 1 Dec With “Always 99 Offers” Till January 

Chinatown Food Street reopens 1 December after being closed for several months. Their new reopening brings six new steamboat and BBQ ala carte buffet concepts, offering free-flow dishes and a limited-time-only ‘Always 99’ promotion.Located...

Ways To Hang Out Online With Friends

Here are some ways to hang out online with friends – with Virtual Escape Room, Virtual Museums, Online Fitness Classes – there are so much to do together from each of our homes! 1. Virtual...
Bibik’s Choice Chicken Sausage Patty - DIY McDonald's at Home

Save Money With Three DIY Fast Foods At Home

One of the most convenient foods a busy parent can be thankful for – McDonalds’s fast food! It’s easy to order, quite instantly and almost everywhere. But what if I told you that there...