Hawker Heroes Singapore: Delivery Platform Gives Back To Hawkers

Hawker Heroes Singapore: Delivery Platform Gives Back To Hawkers
Image: Hawker Heroes
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Hawker centres are a huge part of our everyday lives and an integral part of Singapore’s culture. Many of our iconic local dishes originated in these open-aired dining spaces and the stores themselves are often an inter-generational business.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our beloved hawkers have been one of the significantly affected communities, especially those from the older generation who are not tech-savvy and able to tap on to the major delivery platforms.

Thank you, Hawkers

Hawker Heroes Singapore gives back for National Day 2020
Image: Hawker Heroes

In conjunction with National Day, Hawker Heroes, a delivery platform run by everyday Singaporeans, is showing their appreciation to hardworking hawkers by giving them a pair of hand creams as a gift. Around 80 hawkers who are on the Hawker Heroes platform will be receiving the gifts.

Hawker Heroes is also encouraging people to leave messages of encouragement to the hawkers on its social media channels.

Hawker Heroes

Hawker Heroes Platform
Image: Hawker Heroes

For those unfamiliar with Hawker Heroes, the delivery platform operates like many others. However, you will need to place the order a day in advance and you can only order from hawkers at four specific centres – Amoy Street Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, Hong Lim Food Centre and Tanjong Pagar Food Centre.

What makes Hawker Heroes stand out is that the platform does not aim to generate a profit. The price of the food on their delivery menu is the same price you would see on the hawker store itself and 100% of the amount paid goes to the hawkers with no commission taken by Hawker Heroes.

Hawker Food
Image: Hawker Heroes

The delivery fee currently stands at $8 per hawker centre and 100% of the delivery fees also go to the “Delivery Hero” who will bring you the food. You can mix orders from up to three different hawker centres with individual delivery fees added on accordingly. There is a 10% handling fee when checking out online.

The folks behind Hawker Heroes describe it as their “personal social give-back project”.

To get the latest updates on Hawker Heroes, follow them on their various social media platforms. To support the hawkers, make your next lunch order from their website!