Great Family Trips and Travel Tips

We all love travelling and it’s never to early to dream and plan for the next little or big getaway. Join us and explore the top travel destinations for family trips and gather travel tips for your next big adventure!


Take Part In The Yosakoi Challenge And Win Prizes From Kochi, Japan

Take Part In The Yosakoi Challenge And Win Prizes From Kochi, Japan

The Yosakoi Festival is one of Japan’s most famous festivals and normally sees around 200 teams and 20,000 people gathering to dance. Originating in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, variations of this festival are held in...
Moving Gundam At Yokohama’s Gundam Factory Set To Open In December 2020

Moving Gundam At Yokohama’s Gundam Factory Set To Open In December 2020

Yokohama, a city 30-minutes south of Tokyo is the second-largest city in Japan and is known for its uniquely shaped pier with spectacular views and Cup Noodles Museum. It is where you will find...


Osaka Science Museum: Hands-On Discovery

Osaka Science Museum: Hands-On Discovery

Osaka Science Museum is the city’s science centre. With exhibits spread over four levels and a co-located planetarium, it is a place mainly aimed at children and families.The Osaka Science Museum opened in 1989...
Madame Tussauds Tokyo: Wax Museum At Odaida

Madame Tussauds Tokyo: Wax Museum At Odaida

Yearning to get up close to your favourite celebrities while in Japan? Madame Tussauds Tokyo at Odaiba may well be your best bet.The museum is located Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall at Odaiba and...
J-World Tokyo: Anime Theme Park at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

J-World Tokyo: Anime Themed Attraction at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

Experience Japanese anime at the J-World Tokyo indoor themed attraction, located at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.J-World Tokyo is home to various attractions based on the One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto anime....

6 Family-Friendly Places To Visit On Jeju Island With Kids

Jeju Island, South Korea’s largest island is a favourite destination for holiday makers. It has a wonderful mix of natural attractions and fun attractions for visitors, especially families visiting Jeju island with kids.Here are...
Teddy Bear Museums in Jeju Island, South Korea

Teddy Bear Museums on South Korea’s Jeju Island: Beary Special Fun

Teddy bears were first introduced more than 100 years ago. Yet, their appeal is timeless. Children (and, we suspect, adults alike) cherish and cuddle them in all shapes, sizes and stuffings, like dear friends....

Korea With Kids: Family Fun In Seoul With Theme Parks, Hanboks And Spectacular Sights

South Korea has always been one of the places that my wife and I wanted to visit; we are drawn to the fascinating food, fashion and culture. So, when the opportunity came to go...


Alpaca View Bangkok

Alpaca View Farm & Cuisine Bangkok

In Bangkok’s busy restaurant scene, there is always a need to find something to stand out from the competition. At the Alpaca View Farm & Cuisine restaurant, the “something” just so happens to be...
Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok: Animatronics and Activities for Dino-Crazy Kids

Looking from a distance, a towering volcano and giant Ferris wheel mark out Dinosaur Planet Bangkok along Sukhumvit Road. Once you get closer, there is no mistaking that you have arrived at the dinosaur-themed...

Family-Friendly Activities In Phuket, Thailand

Tired of the hum and drum of your daily routine? Take a short getaway to Phuket! Surrounded by beautiful islands, Phuket is filled with plenty of night markets, beaches and delicious food. We recently...