Here’s where you can find recipes for families who love good food! Whether you’re a beginner cook, an occasional cook or a seasoned master chef, get inspired with our tried and tested recipes resulting in many favourite family meals.

Even if you have work and kids to manage, and not much time to spare in the kitchen, fret not. Most of these recipes are deliberately simple enough for you to whip up a quick meal and for kids to help you with them.

From easy one-pot dishes, plenty of pleasing sides and slurp-worthy soups to mouth-watering desserts, we’ve got them all. So throw on that apron and make memories in the kitchen!

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Easy Easter Themed Foods To Make At Home

With a long weekend ahead, there’s extra time to get creative in the kitchen! Here...
Homemade Frozen Wantons

Homemade Frozen Wantons Recipe

I like to add wantons whenever I feel like a having bowl of noodle soup....
tang yuan

How To Make Tangyuan: Glutinous Rice Dumplings In Ginger Syrup

A symbol of harmony, unity and reunion, tangyuan or glutinous rice balls are a popular...
Hot Spiced Chocolate Drink Recipe

Hot Spiced Chocolate Drink Recipe

Here’s a simple recipe for making a yummy hot spiced chocolate drink! The drink is...
Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken Recipe

Tasty Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken Recipe

Three Cup Chicken, or San Bei Ji, is a popular dish in Chinese or Taiwanese...
Deep-fried Chicken Wing Drumettes

Finger-lickin’ Good Deep-fried Chicken Wing Drumettes Recipe

Kids and adults are guaranteed to love these finger-licking good Deep-fried Chicken Wing Drumettes. The...
Triple-layered Burnt Cheesecake

Divine Triple-layered Burnt Cheesecake Recipe

Basque cheesecake has taken the dessert world by storm. Simply because it only requires very...
DIY Food Kits: Easy Ways Make Your Own Delish Meal At Home

DIY Food Kits: Easy Ways Make Your Own Delish Meal At Home

There are many reasons why one should consider getting a DIY kit when it comes...
Juicy Steamed Big Prawns Recipe

Juicy Steamed Big Prawns Recipe

Fresh prawns taste great on their own when steamed, but might be a little too...
Bittergourd Omelette Recipe

Sweet Bittergourd Omelette Recipe

Bittergourds pack in a bunch of beneficial nutrients but are usually too bitter for kids...

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