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These are dishes with shrimps or prawns.

Juicy Steamed Big Prawns Recipe

Juicy Steamed Big Prawns Recipe

Fresh prawns taste great on their own when steamed, but might be a little too plain for some. Here’s a Juicy Steamed Big Prawns...
Instant Pot Seafood Boil Recipe

Instant Pot Seafood Boil Recipe

Today, allow me to share with you everyone's favourite Instant Pot Seafood Boil that can be made so easily and effortlessly right in your...
Stir-fried Prawns and Fish

Stir-fried Prawns and Fish Recipe

The piquant sauce of tumeric, chillis, ginger, galangal and coconut milk fills this Stir-fried Prawn and Fish dish. It’s not exactly spicy but flavourful,...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Garlic Shrimp Mac & Cheese

Garlic Shrimp Mac & Cheese Recipe

Mac & Cheese brings on the smiles! Who can resist this silky smooth, creamy, cheesy mouth-watering macaroni with a crunchy parmesan topping? Plus, it’s...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Prawns with Oyster Sauce

Prawns With Oyster Sauce Recipe

If you love prawns and have a sweet tooth (as most kids do), this simple yet finger-licking good recipe is for you. Prawns with...
Stir-fried Cabbage With Prawns

Healthy Stir-fried Cabbage With Prawns Recipe

With the Circuit Breaker period now in place, you could have minimised your trips to the supermarket or wet market.The next time you head...