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These are dishes with chicken.

Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken Recipe

Tasty Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken Recipe

Three Cup Chicken, or San Bei Ji, is a popular dish in Chinese or Taiwanese cuisine. It is named after the three ingredients that...
Deep-fried Chicken Wing Drumettes

Finger-lickin’ Good Deep-fried Chicken Wing Drumettes Recipe

Kids and adults are guaranteed to love these finger-licking good Deep-fried Chicken Wing Drumettes. The drumettes (the chunkiest part of the chicken wing) are...
BBQ Chicken Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

Easy BBQ Chicken Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

For this BBQ Chicken Cheese Quesadilla recipe, I ravaged and shredded four chicken drumsticks that were used to make soup the night before.Alternatively, feel...
Creamy Corn with Chicken Recipe

Creamy Corn with Chicken Recipe

This Cantonese-style creamy corn with chicken is delicious and easy to make.For greater convenience, you could use frozen corns instead of fresh corns. Just...
Roast Chicken Thighs with Fragrant Spices Recipe

Roast Chicken Thighs with Fragrant Spices Recipe

The beauty about roasts and grills is that the preparation is mainly in the overnight marinades. Thereafter, just enjoy the heavenly goodness from this...
Whole Grilled Chicken

Delicious Whole Grilled Chicken Recipe

Remember I had shared how to make fantastic grilled chicken wings earlier in a post here? Well, the marinade is almost similar for this...
Double-boiled Herbal Chicken

Wholesome Double-boiled Herbal Chicken Recipe

There’s really no mystery surrounding herbal chickens. This recipe calls for just three herbs to give this Double-boiled Herbal Chicken a full-bodied flavour and...
Chicken Salad Sandwich Rolls & Chicken Salad

Speedy Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Chicken Salad Sandwich is quick and easy to whip up. No cooking nor baking is needed. It is healthy and perfect with a bread...
Simple Home-cooked Recipe: Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Easy Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Here’s a simple and easy fried rice for lunch or dinner – Chicken Fried Rice. Switch the chicken to shrimp or beef, make it...
Home-cooked Recipe: Spicy Chicken

Mildly Spicy Chicken Recipe

When life is a little bland, it’s time to spice things up with today’s Spicy Chicken recipe! Satisfy ourselves for a change and let...