Home Delivery Food Services For Healthier Stay-at-Home Meals

Home Delivery Food Services For Healthier Stay-at-Home Meals
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Having time to cook might be a luxury for some of us, especially when it means having to juggle work, family and self-care. There are many fast-food delivery options available but these might not be the most sustainable on both your wallet and health. Plus it’s hard to find a balanced meal. One alternative is tingkat catering services, which are home delivery food services that provide healthy meals delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Here is a list of caterers to choose from and we hope you can find one that best suits you.

1. Ronnie Kitchen

With a five-day trial and options for single diners to a family of five, Ronnie’s Kitchen offers both lunch and dinner meal delivery services. In case of any change in plans for eating-in, you can notify the company at least one working day in advance and the meal will be replaced for another day. Do note that they do not deliver to condos and landed properties.


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2. Savoury Catering

Savoury Catering provides economical meals averaging $5 per person per day. Each meal comes with three dishes and a bowl of soup or four dishes, with a daily menu option to select from each day. You can also opt for brown rice at an additional fee. They pride themselves for not using MSG and for using lesser amounts of oil and salt.


3. Catering Express

Coming up to just $4.80 a meal for a family of three, Catering Express does relatively affordable weekday deliveries for both lunch and dinner. They do not charge GST and you can get an idea of the large variety of choices available from their sample online menu. Note that they currently only offer 20-day packages.


4. Tingkat Meals

Home Delivery Food Services - Tingkat Meals
Source: Tingkat Meals’ Facebook Page

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option, Tingkat Meals gives you the option to have your food delivered in a metal tingkat container. They also allow you to order for more than 6 persons at a time which is great for larger households. You can also place special requests such as having the fish deboned.


5. 338 Catering

With a new menu each month and over 400 dishes to choose from, 338 Catering’s variety is one of the largest that we found and challenged the concept that tingkat meals can get “boring”. They offer nutritious and well-thought out options such as Soup with Sliced Fish and Vegetable, Chicken in Fermented Red Rice Wine, Steamed Eggs with Minced Chicken – all made with less salt and oil and promises to be just as tasty.


6. Kim Paradise

Home Delivery Food Services - Tingkat Delivery
Source: Kim Paradise Facebook Page

For those who are still unsure of hopping on to a tingkat delivery service, Kim Paradise is offering an eight-day trial at $69+ for two persons. The menu is curated to ensure that the dishes are nutritious as they are delicious. We also love how they offer an environmentally-friendly option of having meals delivered in a tiffin carrier. You can also top-up for their daily specials which feature more premium dishes such as Curry Fish or Herbal Chicken Soup.


7. Pak Dollah

Pak Dollah is halal-certified and 100% Muslim-owned. They offer a variety of Malay dishes that are freshly cooked and packed every day and even include a dessert in their meals! Ordering is done via WhatsApp or their Facebook page. You can also opt for a bento or meal box lunch option which is available for both lunch and dinner.


8. Tingkat Delivery by Richfood

Home Delivery Food Services - Kim’s Paradise
Source: Tingkat Delivery by Rich Food’s Instagram

Tingkat Delivery has 5, 10 and 20-day meal plans that are available for weekday deliveries for both lunch or dinner. The price for each meal is inclusive of the standard three dishes plus one soup or four-dish option with white or brown rice. They have two menus on a rotational basis and serve up healthy dishes in all their meals. They deliver to most parts of Singapore except for the CBD district and certain parts of central Singapore.


Home Delivery Food Services

Do you already use a home delivery service or are you a business that offers healthy stay-at-home meals that is not already listed here? Do share it with us at hello@littledayout.com!

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