Costume Shops In Singapore: Where To Buy Or Rent Fun Costumes For Kids

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels
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Want to let the kids indulge in some make-believe play or getting ready for a themed party? Well then there’s nothing like a fabulous costume to help them get in character – and you can find them in costume shops in Singapore!

While stores like Cotton On Kids, H&M and even Daiso often have some basic outfits and props to offer, you’ll find a far wider range and surprise gems you didn’t think of at specialist costume shops in Singaproe. Some have both online and physical stores, so you can trawl at your leisure or head down to for a real look at the garb before making your pick. And if mom and pop want to join in the fun, many of them offer costumes for adults too.

Here’s where you can go to suit up (cue the theme from Superman).

Costume Shops in Singapore


Funidelia kids piggyback skeleton costume
Image: Funidelia
Funidelia inflatable alien costume
Image: Funidelia

For a beyond-comprehensive selection of costumes for adults, kids and even furkids, you really must check out this online store. It’s got all the popular picks like Harry Potter capes, superhero get-ups, Disney princess dresses and loads more. But what really impressed us are its kids costumes with cool themes like flapper, rock and roll and the ’80s. We also love the cleverly-designed “piggyback costumes”, basically pants that create a hilarious optical illusion that makes it look like you’re riding on an animal or a character’s shoulders. Oh, and did we mention they have inflatable wearables too?

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Spotlight Harry Potter costume
Image: Spotlight

An ever dependable go-to with costumes of popular characters and themes. We’d recommend checking out available offerings on the e-store, which stocks a wider range than what the physical outlets can hold.


Absolute Costumez

Absolute Costumez baby owl costume
Image: Absolute Costumez

Catering mostly to kids from preschool age onwards, there are costumes here for various themes, festivals and occasions, including dance recitals and school events that require national costumes or occupation uniforms.


Children’s Costume Specialist

Children's Costume Specialist orange sequin dress
Image: Children’s Costume Specialist

The store that teachers and parents hunting for performance costumes make a beeline for. Started by a husband-and-wife team who understands the stress and challenges of putting together year-end concerts, the company serves hundreds of schools and organisations each year and has an in-house team of designers creating unique and stunning outfits. Whether you’re after ballet tutus, animal costumes, ethnic costumes or superhero suits, you’ll find them here.


Costume World

Costume World Harley Quinn
Image: Costume World
Costume World BB-8
Image: Costume World

One of Australia’s biggest online retailer of costumes and accessories, this e-store has a Singapore-specific website and ships daily to our shores. There are over 20,000 items available, with offerings for adults, kids and pets. Choose by era (1920s, 1950s and so on), or from a vast number of themes ranging from angel to alien, safari to sci-fi, Disney to Day of the Dead. Those who want to be matchy matchy with their child without having to squeeze into superhero spandex should look to the pop culture and movie-themed kids’ costumes, based on cool characters like Harley Quinn, Sandy from Grease, and the Ghostbusters. There’s a heck of a lot of props to boost your ensemble too.



Pan-In-The-Box Maleficent headband
Image: Pan-In-The-Box

It started in 2003 as a cosplay shop, but has since gained a wide clientele that includes families, party-goers and casual dress-up players. Besides costumes, there is also plenty of interesting and affordable props, masks and wigs on offer, from fake blood to white face makeup, witch hats and angel wings to Maleficent horns and pharaoh headwear.


Costumes ‘N’ Parties

Costumes N Parties Hela Ragnarok
Image: Costumes ‘N’ Parties
Costumes N Parties Catwoman
Image: Costumes ‘N’ Parties

A well-established costumes company in Southeast Asia, it stocks over 20,000 items and is a supplier to schools and corporations. Costumes are available for rent or sale, and express same-day delivery is offered within Singapore if orders are received before 3 pm. Adults looking to get in on the make-believe action are in for a treat as there’s an enormous range of cool options based on blockbuster shows and fun themes like flower power and Renaissance. If you’re willing to shell out over a hundred bucks, there a good selection of fabulously detailed, on-point adult costumes available for rent and kids’ costumes for sale.


Ministry of Costumes

Ministry of Costumes Mario group
Image: Ministry of Costumes

This family-oriented store offers not only a wide variety of costumes for adults and kids, but also good ol’ fashioned friendly service. You can drop in at its Henderson Road shop for a browse, but note that visits are by-appointment only. We like that they also offer group costumes for 10 pax and above – saves the headache of hunting for matching outfits.


Costume City

The costumes here are available for sale or rental. Although it has an e-store, that only shows a small portion of its stock and you really have to visit the physical outlet to appreciate the sheer amount of stuff available, from costumes and fancy dress for toddlers to adults, to different types of wigs, hats and accessories. For those looking to put out a real scare, the store has some truly terrifying latex masks that will make hair stand. Probably not a good idea to wear them around young children though.


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