Visit To The Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

Visit To The Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore by Vedika Lakhotiya
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The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is a museum that helps you think about the world around you.

The museum is filled with different ancient artefacts, which come from different eras. I only visited a few parts of the ACM as there was a lot to get through. I visited the different civilisations section and a part on Angkor. 

History is an interesting topic, though when it is put into museums, I, and many other kids, find it boring. However, the way the ACM presented it, everything felt alive around me.

I was captivated and amazed by all the artefacts. I also loved the fact that there was not only artefacts – there were tours with historians telling us about the stories behind the artefacts! And, there were plays based on mythological stories as well in the museum.

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As I am an Indian, when I reached the Indian civilisation section, I was able to connect and learn new things about my own culture. I especially enjoyed the Chinese civilisation section. When we were in the Angkor section, I was enjoying myself by making rubbings of ancient signs and symbols. I made my rubbing on a postcard.

As a suggestion for improving the visitor experience, they should give us a quiz at the end, where we need to search through the museum for the answers.  

I would recommend this museum to all age groups as it is full of activities and fun things.

If you do visit, remember to check out the “Angkor” section and answer my question – What holds the pediment which has celestial nymphs on it?


This is a My Little Day Out Story written by Vedika Lakhotiya, 10.

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