Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest: Misty Mountain in a Dome

Cloud Walk, Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest
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A visit to Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest is one that will be hard to forget. Housed within a 58-metre high columnless glass dome, the breathtaking attraction highlights the fragility of the world’s Cloud Forest.

What exactly is a Cloud Forest? These are forests found in certain regions of the world where mountains rise to 3,000 metres resulting in forests persistently blanketed in mist and fog.

To view them, you would need to travel to the inaccessible reaches of Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa – or you could visit Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest.


Waterfall at Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

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Stepping inside Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest, you will find it hard not to be impressed by the majestic waterfall thundering down from five streams 35 metres above. This is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and it dares visitors to brave the mist for a picture at its base.

Follow the path and make your way around the lush, green plant-covered mountainside – this is the Cloud Forest mountain that you will be ascending. You will also encounter Orchid Haven, a space with more than 1,000 orchids on display.

Don’t be alarmed. There is no need to climb the mountain on foot. A lift waits to take you up to the 6th level and from there, you only need to ascend one level to the summit.

Lost World

The Lost Word, Cloud Forest

The Lost World garden at the top of Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest showcases the plants that grow at high altitude.

Pitcher Plants

Among the interesting plants here are carnivorous pitcher plants.

Cloud Walk

Cloud Walk, Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Make the descent from the summit along the dizzyingly high Cloud Walk. This metal walkway will take you out towards Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest’s glass dome and offers a wonderful view of the outdoor gardens and children’s playground.

Epiphytes growing at the Cloud Forest

It is also a chance to view to view the epiphytes that cover the exterior of the mountain. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants rather than on soil. Counted among their ranks are mosses and orchids, commonly found growing in the moist environments found in cloud forests, they can get their supply of water from the water vapour in the air.

Cavern & Waterfall View

Waterfall View

Pass through the Cavern to get to Waterfall View, a ledge which brings you closer to the waterfall flowing from the Lost World level above.

Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain, Cloud Forest

As you descend further, you will arrive at Crystal Mountain. Stalactites and stalagmites adorn the centre space while examples of crystal rock formations line the perimeters.

In case you are wondering which are stalactites and stalagmites, a handy mnemonic is that stalactites hang tightly to the ceiling while stalagmites, growing up from the floor, might eventually reach the ceiling.

Tree Top Walk

Tree Top Walk, Gardens by the Bay Cloud ForestThe second of Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest’s walkways, the Tree Top Walk offers a canopy-level view of the trees planted at the ground level.

Earth Check & +5 Degrees

+5 Degrees

Learn more about the threats facing the world’s environment at Earth Check & +5 Degrees. Interesting facts and figures about climate change and habitat change are presented using multimedia displays.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

From the heights of the mountain, exit Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest through a ravine filled with moisture-loving plants.

Mist Times

Mist at Cloud Forest

The plants at Cloud Forest get “watered” through a mist. The mist comes on at the even hours of the day. Visit at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm to see Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest turn into a scene from Jurassic Park or Avatar.

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Opening Hours: 9 am to 9 pm
Admission fees apply

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