Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome: 9 Gardens That Take You Around the World

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome
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Be magically transported to gardens found in cool, dry climates from around the world at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome. Filled with close to 30,000 plants from over 150 species that would otherwise not be found in tropical climates, Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is one of the most unique places in Singapore and a must-visit for out-of-towners.

The Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome and the neighbouring Cloud Forest Dome are the world’s largest columnless greenhouses. While most greenhouses are built to keep their interiors warm, these two glass conservatories at Gardens by the Bay are designed to keep the climate inside cool.

The temperature inside the Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is maintained between 23 and 25 degrees Celcius. This makes it ideal for plants and flowers from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions to thrive under the 3,332 glass panels that make up its dome.

The size of 2.2 football fields or 1.2 Hectares, Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is divided up into various gardens from around the world.

Succulent Garden

Succulent GardenImmediately to the right of the entrance is the Succulent Garden. Replicating the desert environment, plants found here include Cacti and Aloes. They are instantly recognisable by their thin needle-like leaves and waxy surface that prevent the loss of water under the hot desert sun.

Baobab and Bottle Trees

Baobab and Bottle Trees, Gardens by the Bay Flower DomeBeyond the Succulent Garden are the African Baobabs and Bottle Trees. The trees with distinctly shaped trucks found here include the African Baobab, Australian Baobab and Ghost Tree.

Australian Garden

Kangaroo's Paw, Australian Garden
Kangaroo’s Paw, Australian Garden

Just as Australia has a unique fauna all its own, its cool-dry deserts support unique flora too. At Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome, you can view some of them such as the Kangaroo’s Paw which flowers resemble the paw of the hopping marsupial, and the Grass Tree which can live for up to 600 years.

South African Garden

South African Garden, Flower Dome
South African Garden, Flower Dome

Follow the Tropic of Capricorn to the South African Garden. Plants on display here include succulents, shrubs and bulbs that have adapted to grow in low moisture, sandy soil. Look out for the King Sugar Bush, rarely found in the wild nowadays, and the brilliantly coloured Bird of Paradise.

South American Garden

Monkey Puzzle Tree
Monkey Puzzle Tree

A showcase of plants from Central Chile, the South American Garden features the towering Chilean Wine Palm. You can also view the national tree of Chile here – a coniferous pine tree known as the Monkey Puzzle Tree.

Californian Garden

Grapefruit at the Californian Garden, Flower Dome
Grapefruit at the Californian Garden, Flower Dome

California’s Mediterranean climate is known for its wine and citrus fruit. At the Californian Garden, you can take a seat under a canopy of grapevines. There are also citrus fruit such as oranges and grapefruit growing here. See if you can spot them.

Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean GardenFeaturing plants found around the Mediterranean Basin, at the Mediterranean Garden you can view the coniferous Stone Pine whose nuts are used in traditional pesto sauce and the bright colours of Mediterranean flowers.

Olive Grove

Olive Grove at Gardens by the Bay
Olive Grove at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome

At the Olive Grove, look around and you will see various edible fruit trees including olives, figs and pomegranates. The olive trees here are estimated to be about 1,000 years old.

Flower Field

Field Of Tulips
The Flower Field decked out with tulips

Holding centre stage at the Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome is the Flower Field. This space is where seasonal and festive exhibitions are held throughout the year. In the past, displays at the Flower Field have included Christmas-themed displays and tulip displays.

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome

Opening Hours: 9 am to 9 pm
Admission fees apply

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