Changi Airport Playground & Play Spots For Kids In Public Areas (All 4 Terminals)

Changi Airport Playground & Play Spots For Kids In Public Areas (All 4 Terminals)
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Changi Airport is a favourite destination for families in Singapore. Kids used to gravitate towards the former Sanrio Changi Airport playground at Terminal 3 and it still seems to be draw even though it is now gone. There other play spots around the rest of Changi Airport’s terminals too. Here is a round-up of the play areas for children around Changi Airport’s public areas.

Changi Airport Playground and Play Spots at Terminal 1

Changi Airport Playground and Play Spots at Terminal 1

The children’s playground Changi Airport Terminal 1 can be found at the viewing gallery on the second floor. Take the escalators to the floor above the Departure Hall, keep left and head past the restaurants at Changi Airport Terminal 1’s public area playground.

The playground is designed for children between two to six. It features a little bridge, platforms and two low slides suitable for young kids. 

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A large, yellow tic tac toe board provides little ones with the opportunity to engage in tactile play at this Changi Airport playground. It is probably one of the oldest play areas at the airport but it doesn’t look too much the worse for wear.

Changi Airport coin-operated kiddy rides

Close by is a coin-operated kiddy ride area. Kids can climb aboard rides with characters like Thomas the Tank Engine. There is a money-changing machine located here too.

Glass floor at the Terminal 1 Viewing Gallery

Another interesting feature of the viewing gallery at Changi Airport Terminal 1 is that there is a glass floor by the viewing panes. This let’s you stand above the apron of the tarmac below.

Baby changing room and toilets

A baby changing room and toilets are located nearby.

Kiddy ride area at Changi Airport Terminal 1

Changi Airport Terminal 1 has a second kiddy ride area on the same level as the children’s playground. This is closer to the restaurants and can be found beside Burger King. 

Changi Airport Playground and Play Spots at Terminal 3

Terminal 3 has many different attractions for kids.

Terminal 3 Changi Airport children's play areas

The Terminal 3 Changi Airport children’s play areas are concentrated at Basement 2. The playground was previously a a Sanrio-themed playground before it became a kueh playground in December 2021. However, the play elements have since been removed. Now, only a tunnel that was formerly a cake remain. But that doesn’t seem to stop kids from having fun and playing around.

Changi Airport Kueh Playground At T3: Sweet Treats & Confectionery Play Spot
Former Changi Airport Kueh Playground at Terminal 3

Here’s a look at the former kueh playground.

Changi Airport Playground and Play Spots for Kids in Public Areas (Including Hidden Ones at T2)
Former Sanrio-themed playground at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Here’s what the former Sanrio-themed playground, before the kueh playground, looked like.

Changi Airport T3 Children's Playground
Former Changi Airport T3 Children’s Playground, before it was the Sanrio Playground.

Before it was a Sanrio-themed playground, the Terminal 3 Changi Airport playground used to look like the above.

T3 Slide at Basement 2

Just beside the Terminal 3 playground is one of two entrances to the Slide @ T3. The entrance at Basement 2 to the lower slide is free. Kids must be at least 1.3 metres tall to ride the Slide@T3 from Basement 2.

Slide at T3

The longer slide at T3 starts from Level 1. Rides for these need to be redeemed from the Terminal 3 Customer Service Counter with the Changi Rewards e-Card. Details on how to do this can be found here.

Operating hours are from 12 pm to 10.30 pm.

Coin-operated kiddy rides at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Next to the slide at Basement 2 are coin-operated kiddy rides and a baby care room.

Indoor playground at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Changi Airport Terminal 3 also has a games arcade and a paid indoor playground, Play!, at Basement 2.

Kiddy activity stall at Changi Airport T3

There is also a kiddy activity stall close to the supermarket at Terminal 3.

Rock climbing wall at Terminal 3

There is also a rock climbing wall at Terminal 3. It is located next to the Slides at T3.

ST3PS at Changi Airport

Another useful know about if you are at Changi Airport with kids is the ST3PS. This is an communal amphitheatre where movies are screened on an ultra high-definition, 6 metre wide and 3.5 metre high screen. Great for keeping kids entertained for a little while. 

Viewing Gallery

Head up to the Viewing Gallery to watch the planes take off and land.

Changi Airport Terminal 2

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Hall

Changi Airport Terminal 2 does not have a children’s playground in the public area (even though there is a nice bear-themed playground on in the transit area). Neither will you find any kiddies rides around the T2 public area. In fact, half of Changi Airport Terminal 2 is still being renovated as of March 2023.

You can head to the Terminal 2 Viewing Mall to look out over the tarmac.

Changi Airport Terminal 2

One temporary play spot that you can visit is the Monet exhibition at Level 3. This is a photo spot. It even has a separate area inspired by cats.

As at November 2023, there are two notable spots for kids and families.

Funko At Changi: Shop & Pose With Pop Characters

One is Funko at Changi, a pop up retail store with photo spots. 

Playing Twister at Chaos Lab Singapore

Chaos Lab, a laboratory-themed attraction is also open till Q2 2024.

Flap Pix: Snap A Picture At This Changi Airport Kinetic Art Installation

Don’t miss out the chance to try out the free public Flap Pix kinetic sculpture too. 

R2D2 at Changi Airport

If you are looking for something else to keep kids entertained, take them to meet R2D2. The droid can also be found on Level 3 at the entrance to the offices. 

Huge T-rex And Other Dinosaurs Spotted Along Changi Airport Connector, Near HUB & SPOKE

If you don’t mind venturing a bit further out of Terminal 2, you can head to Hub & Spoke. There is a bike rental company there, and you can also take a walk to visit the outdoor T-rex and Spinosaurus. 

Changi Airport Terminal 4

Changi Airport Terminal 4 is a modern and efficient model of the future. However, it does still retain some old school secrets. 

You won’t find any kids playground at Changi Airport Terminal 4’s public areas even though there is the super-impressive chandelier playground but it is only for passengers. 

Changi Airport Terminal 4 Children's Area

Instead, if you are in the public areas, if you head into the food court at Changi Airport Terminal 4. There is a children’s seating area right at the back, close to the viewing gallery. This children’s area is decorated with pictures of the Toa Payoh dragon playground and the old Pelican playgrounds on the wall. 

Hopscotch markings

On the floor, it is back to the old times with hopscotch markings on the ground. How about that for old school play?

Dino Photo Spot at Terminal 4

Another spot at Changi Airport Terminal 4 you can visit is at the doors facing Car Park 4A at level 1. It is a little photo spot of dinosaurs.

Changi Jurassic Mile

That’s a reminder that the Changi Jurassic Mile is just a short walk away from Terminal 4.  

Happy days!

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