HeadRock VR, Sentosa: Virtual Reality Theme Park In Singapore

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Have an immersive experience at HeadRock VR, the newly opened virtual reality theme park at Sentosa. With 11 exciting rides, it’s sure to take you to a different dimension of fun.

HeadRock VR at Sentosa is split into three different coloured zones to indicate different intensities. Green is to get you warmed up, Orange for attractions that allow you to fully appreciate the Virtual Reality technology, and Blue if you want to ensure your heart gets racing.

Extreme Train, HeadRock VR Singapore AttractionsThere are different packages that allow you to mix and match attractions from different colour zones for your own unique virtual reality adventure. We tried out the different rides at HeadRock VR to bring you our top recommended exhibits.

Green Zone: Warm Ups

Consisting of the VR Room, Robin Hood and Zombie Busters, the Green Zone is great for a warm up to the world of VR, especially for the little ones. Our personal favourite in this zone is the VR room that allows you to play a variety of games such as fencing, baseball, shooting and more and is suitable for all ages.

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Robin Hood at HeadRock VRThe Robin Hood game at the Green Zone is the only game in the theme park that does not require a VR Headset. It can be a good game to play in between virtual games as a break of sorts.

Zombie Buster, HeadRock VRThe Zombie Buster game is a favourite amongst smaller kids and also for those who want a little bit of L4D2 action

Orange Zone: Virtual Reality Showcase

There are four attractions in the Orange Zone: Extreme Train, Jungle Rafting, Horror Room and Skyscraper. These are the attractions with exciting storylines that will make the virtual surroundings even more realistic!

Jungle Rafting Ride, HeadRock VR SingaporeFans of Big Bang (the South Korean band) can look forward to Seungri being a personal tour guide on the Jungle Rafting Ride. This HeadRock VR ride brings you back in time on a prehistoric adventure.

Attractions at HeadRock VR reviewAnother must-try is the Skyscraper quest that allows you to fulfil your dreams of becoming a superspy on a dangerous mission within a time limit. We enjoyed this one because of the really realistic effects and the challenge of virtually walking thousands of feet above the ground!

Blue Zone: Bring Your Game Face

Expect lots of heartracing drops and superspeed objects headed your way in this zone! There are four attractions at this HeadRock VR Zone: Storm Blizzard, Jump Jump, Flying Dive and Beat Saber.

Storm BlizzardStorm Blizzard gets props for having the most realistic set up that allows you to fully immerse yourself in a rescue mission through the snow blizzards. Buckle up, and mush!

Jump JumpFor those who want to experience some free-falling, Jump Jump and Flying Dive is definitely for you! Jump Jump has a bit more of a storyline and we really enjoyed this ride and felt like we were flying through the treetops. The Flying Dive, however is shorter but more intense, and rightly so, especially since you’re hanging over bubbling hot magma!

Beat SaberThose who want to groove to a beat definitely should try the Beat Saber as you slash light sabers to the rhythm of the music. Try to get as many combos as possible, and remember to duck at the incoming obstacles!

As much fun as we had playing all the different stations, by the time we hit our seventh VR station, our eyesight started to get a little fuzzy. We do recommend taking short eye breaks between each station.

Children must be above 6 years old to participate in this attraction. Tickets can be purchased on the SISTIC website and on-site at HeadRock VR, Sentosa.

HeadRock VR, Sentosa

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Last admission at 7:00 PM)
Location: 26 Sentosa Gateway #01-38/39

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