Sembawang Battleship Playground: Fun Ahoy!

Sembawang Battleship Playground: Fun Ahoy!
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If there was one playground that made us go “Wow” aloud, it would be the battleship playground located in Sembawang Park. We took advantage of the clear blue skies to visit the far flung Sembawang Park playground, which also means we will be away from the crowds. Travelling to the northern point of Singapore means more space, more greenery and more fun for us!

Battleship Playground Ahoy at Sembawang Park

Battleship Playground Ahoy at Sembawang Park

The battleship playground at Sembawang Park, in its nautical glory, pays tribute to the naval history of the area. Sembawang Naval Base used to be the docking for British warships, with many of its senior military personnel living in the many black and whites you see in the area. Today, Sembawang Naval Base has been converted to Sembawang Shipyard.

The playground is a majestic looking one with the entire structure modelled after a warship. Don’t miss the gun turret, smokestacks, propellers and rudder.

Inside the Battleship Playground at Sembawang Park


There are plenty of climbing structures – a rock wall, monkey bar, nettings, fireman poles to tire the little explorers out. Don’t be surprised if the children ignore your commands, they have good reason to since there is tons to explore! Even adults will find the ship a joy to navigate.

Climbing, Swinging, Sliding, Crawling, Balancing

Climbing, Swinging, Sliding, Crawling, Balancing

To get onto the sloping deck, the mutineers can try different routes. One through the porthole – it might take teamwork to get the sandy feet onto the “rigging”. Or climb up the ropes like great pirates do, use one of the nettings or scale up the rock wall or either sides of the battle ship.

Sembawang Battleship Playground

The children will definitely want to try the slides which are curiously supported by a pair of hands each. To get to the slides, one must climb up either towers which resembled the crow’s nest.

Ship in motion

Balance is required as the deck of the ship are purposely sloped to resemble the motion of the ship on the sea.

Sembawang Battle Ship Playground

To get off the deck, the children can either choose to slide down using the poles or slides.

Inside the Hull

Another fun bit of the battleship playground is the hull of the ship, also known as its forward. Climb up the slopes with climbing holds and then slide down the pole to exit the ship.

Naval Flagstaff

Don’t forget to scale the naval flagstaff right next to the battle ship.

Sand Play and Pendulum Swings for the Little Ones

Sand play and Pendulum Swings for the Little Ones

For the younger ones who are not too keen on climbing, they can enjoy the sand at the playground. The Sembawang Park battleship playground is great for digging a pit or making sandcastles. Do bring some repellent along as there may be sand flies at the playground.

The little ones will definitely enjoy the pendulum swings!

Heading to Sembawang Park Playground

Heading to Sembawang Park Playground

To get to the Battleship Playground, head north to Sembawang Park. Drivers should park at Carpark C1 which is nearest the playground. The washrooms are right next to the playground for quick access. Play hard, and we would find it hard to leave this playground so get ready for a long drawn mutiny!