Woodlands Waterfront: Sea, Land and Sky

Woodlands Waterfront Jetty
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Lush greenery, gentle waves, and the calming sea breeze and the open sky (at least as open as it gets here in Singapore). You can take it all in at the Woodlands Waterfront park, located in the North of Singapore.

See the Sea

Officially opened in January 2011, Woodlands Waterfront is a coastal park whose main highlight is its 400-metre refurbished jetty – the longest recreational one in Singapore. It also offers a 1.5km waterfront promenade and views of the Causeway and the Straits of Johor.

Water view

Jetty view.

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JettyYou will spot many young families strolling along the longest recreational jetty in Singapore.

Waterside viewViews from the Waterfront.

Rather crowded on the weekends, the ex-naval jetty dates back to the 1920s and has been attracting families in droves during more recent times.

You can grab some fishing gear and join the fishing aficionados waiting for a good catch along the jetty. You might even catch a crab or two. Or have your young kids potter about on a kick scooter or tricycle.

The jetty is good for an evening stroll; many families with young tots in strollers can be found shooting the breeze along its length.

Land Ahoy

If crowds are not your thing, avoid the jetty and escape to greener pastures.

Jogging, cycling trails and rest shelters weave through the 11-hectare park.

There are plenty of open fields at Picnic Green where you can have a cosy little picnic with the family. The grass is an unbelievable hue of bright green and forms a thick carpet beneath the feet.

Away from the bustle of the promenade and playground, the walking and cycling trails and picnic areas are relatively uncrowded, welcomingly less stressful if you have very young kids. Also good to know – there are many rest pavilions with shelters dotted throughout the park.

SignboardYou can either cycle or take a long stroll through Woodlands Waterfront, which is connected to Admiralty Park.

Cycling Thrills

Woodlands Waterfront Park is great for cycling. The cycling trail around the park offers an undulating track for cyclists, with a variety of gentle and steep slopes – whooosh! Kids will love these slopes – and interesting curves.


If you are more adventurous, you can take your tot beyond Woodlands Waterfront and venture along the Northern Explorer Park Connector Network (NEPCN). Woodlands Waterfront is a node on this trail which connects parks in the North such as Sembawang Park, Woodlands Town Gardens and as far east as Lower Seletar Reservoir Park. For those with younger kids, see our Cycling with Baby 101 guide on how to prepare for your ride.

CyclingUndulating paths and various slopes offer a fun ride for dads and mums who want to cycle with their young kids.

Sky: Adventure Playground and Sky Walk

Tired of being a ‘landlubber”?

Head to the skies at the multi-generational adventure playground. Play equipment here caters to all from young tots to older kids (there are swings!). There are also fitness points for mum and dad, and even grandma and grandpa.


The centrepiece of the playground is the two-storey-high Sky Walk – a series of six crows nets that are interlinked by mesh bridges which people can climb and cross. Suitable for older kids (and adults who dare), adventure seekers are sure to find it quite a treat, especially when it starts getting wobbly up there.


On the Sky Walk, kids can burn off excess energy as they play round after round of “Ahoy! I’m a mid-air pirate! I spy an island yonder!”

Sky Walk

Sky Walk at Woodlands Waterfront.

Sky Walk

View from above.

PlaygroundThe Adventure Playground is a spacious area for kids of various ages.

Eats by the Water

If you have worked up an appetite, Rasa Istimewa Woodlands Waterfront Restaurant (63669339; Sundays – Thursdays: 2 pm – midnight, Fridays and Saturdays: 3 pm – 1 am), located at the beginning of the jetty, offers homely fare at the park.

Popular seafood dishes include Ikan Bakar – a platter of barbecued stingray and cuttlefish ($12.50), and black pepper and chilli crab (about $50 a kg).

There are plenty of high chairs for the little ones and lots of space within the airy eatery.


At the jetty, Rasa Istimewa Woodlands Waterfront Restaurant is an airy eatery with hearty halal food.

Waterfront Chill

Woodlands Waterfront is great for little explorations; a chance to enjoy the breeze, soak in the views and slow down with the family. With the jetty to stroll along and its multi-generational playground, head North to this park for a little sea, land and sky escape. Waterfront


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