VR Rooms In Singapore: Adventures In An Alternate Reality

VR Rooms In Singapore: Play In An Alternate Reality
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Travel beyond what is possible in reality and immerse yourself in a variety of experiences at a virtual reality room! From thrilling rollercoaster rides in a different universe to team missions to complete a quest, here are some of the VR rooms in Singapore that you can check out!

VR Rooms in Singapore

1. HeadRock VR, Sentosa

HeadRock VR, Sentosa

Located in the local “state of fun” itself, HeadRock VR at Sentosa has 11 exciting rides that are split into three different coloured zones. Each zone indicates a different intensity but all of them are filled with games that promise many moments of fun!

Some games we enjoyed included the Skyscraper quest where we got to become a superspy on a dangerous mission as well as a popular rhythm game, Beat Saber. Read our full review of HeadRock VR, Sentosa here.

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2. Zero Latency, Suntec City VR park

Zero Latency, Suntec City, Singapore

Zero Latency is a VR Park in Suntec that combines a free-roaming multi-player format with VR! This is a great way for squads who enjoy gaming together to not just do so remotely, but on-site and being actual players in the game instead of using avatars!

They currently offer six different games with individual storylines. Some popular storylines to try include Singularity where you enter an immersive, interstellar-themed shooter and fight to the death against robots, killer drones and gun turrets all while exploring the zero-gravity environment of the space station! Another popular game is “Outbreak Origins” where players must work together to find a cure to a virus causing an outbreak of killer zombies! Read more about our experience battling zombies here.

3. Sandbox VR Orchard Central

Sandbox VR Orchard Central

Treasure hunting as a pirate, hopping onto a time machine and being part of a futuristic world or even shooting zombies, these are all storylines that you can immerse yourselves into when you visit Sandbox VR. Located at Orchard Central, this VR room offers five different storylines that you and your squad can try, including a StarTrek themed one.

During our experience at the Sandbox VR room, we had fun despite the storyline of the game that we tried not having as much depth as we would have liked. We guessed that this was to cater to the time limit of one game. At the end of the game, we received an edited video, complete with game stats, which captured the experience at Sandbox VR Singapore. Read more about our experience here.

4. Virtual Room Singapore

virtual room singapore
Image: Virtual Room Facebook

Blending the escape room concept with a full 3D cinematic experience, players who visit the Virtual Room in Singapore will be given the mission to help save the world! Players will work in a team of 2-4 players and travel back into historical periods such as ancient Egypt and the medieval ages to solve the puzzles and challenges. Each player will have their own dedicated room, specially designed and equipped with the latest VR gear. Gear up as you move around to search for items, manipulate objects and collaborate with your fellow team members. Check out this VR room the next time you are near Chinatown MRT.

5. V Room

VR Rooms In Singapore
Image: V Room Facebook

Equipped with a huge variety of games, the V Room is a place that beckons a second and third visit because of all the different games that one can experience! From cute puzzles with colourful water bears to horror first-person shooters, there is a game suited for any player’s preference.

A game that we are especially excited to see is “Keep talking and nobody explodes” which is a time-sensitive puzzle game that requires laser focus and clear communication skills. It’s not the usual game that requires movement and quick reactions but deep breathes and a clear mind. It’s worth a play for sure! Check out their website here.

5. Pirate Land VR Game Room

Pirate Land VR Game Room

Pirate Land at Centrepoint is an indoor playground that offers a wide variety of play options for kids. These range from activities such as sand play to a playscape and ball pit. One of the activities available at Pirate Land is a multiplayer virtual reality game.

On our last visit, we enjoyed being a part of this cooperative game where we were part of a SWAT-type combat mission. We had lots of fun on our visit to the Pirate Lane VR Game Room! Read more about it here.

6. Hologate

VR Rooms In Singapore - Hologate
Image: Holographic

Funan Mall is known for being the mall where “techies” will love going to the most, and now with the VR room Hologate in the picture, it’s sure to make a trip there even more exciting. Hologate’s virtual reality games star recognisable characters from Angry Birds and all their games are suitable for all ages! Book a fun session on their website here today.

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