Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub: Stories Beyond Books

Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub
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It is not an exaggeration to say that you can get lost inside the massive five-story Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub.

Opened on 5 August 2017, the Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub is filled with countless spaces catering to different age groups and interests. There are more than 400,000 books available in the library which is laid out along two sides of the football pitch at Our Tampines Hub.

Here are some of the different spots around Our Tampines Hub’s library that you can look out for.

Exercise Bike Reading Desk

Exercise Reading BikeThe massive library is fitted with glass panels that provide unobstructed views of the football pitch. In case that stirs up the desire to get active, there is an exercise bike fitted with a reading desk at Level 2. While there is only one such bike, it certainly provides a novel way to exercise both your mind and body at the same time.

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Children’s Section

Reading corners at Tampines Regional LibraryThe library’s children’s book collection is split over two floors. The early literacy section is located on Level 3. Here, you will find low-height shelves filled with picture books for younger children. Books are places facing outwards so that children can choose them by their covers rather than their spines. (And who says you shouldn’t judge book by its cover.)

Birdcage Reading CornersWhimsical reading corners in the form of bird cages and hollowed out tree trunks provide little nooks where parents can share books with their children.

The book section for older kids can be found at Level 4.

Indoor Children’s Playground – Akan Datang

Children's Playground at Tampines Regional LibraryYes. You read right. There is going to be an indoor children’s playground at Our Tampines Hub’s library. My goodness – a children’s playground in library! Well, that’s one way to get kids through the library’s doors.

Kids Playground at Tampines Regional LibraryThe children’s playground will be located on level 3 and is a two-level space. Currently, as of August 2017, the space earmarked as the children’s playground is still an empty void but it is a definite attraction to look forward to in the future.

The children’s playground at Tampines Library is set to open in October 2017.


Terrace at Level 5At Level 4 and 5 are Terraces. These are novel sitting areas with cushioned seats where both adults and kids can pause to read a book.

IMPixel Labs@NLB

IMPixel LabsA space to support tinkers and makers, the IMPixel Labs@NLB will be where different programmes and classes will be held. This follows the success of the maker space at Jurong Regional Library where people can book the use of 3D printing machines and other equipment to experiment and create things.

The library is no longer just a place to read but a place to do as well.

Study Corners, Discussion Spaces and Reading Spots

Study Space at Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines HubThe library at Our Tampines Hub has seating areas for different activities.

Reading AreaStudy AreaThese range from rows of desks reminiscent of a university library to cozy discussion corners. Nice!

Our Tampines Gallery

Our Tampines GalleryPaying tribute to the heritage of the Tampines town is Our Tampines Gallery. This dedicated space provides a glimpse into the history, places and faces of Tampines.

Activity booklet for children at Tampines GalleryKids have a little activity booklet for them to learn more about Tampines and can also make a rubbing of a Tempinis tree leaf to bring home.

Quick Guide to Tampines Regional Library at Our Tampines Hub

Directory for the Tampines LibraryThe Tampines Regional Library is so big that it even has a directory, similar to those found in shopping malls, to help users navigate around its different spaces. For those who wish to have a quick overview of “where to find what”, here is a breakdown of what is available on each floor at the library at Our Tampines Hub.

Level 2
Audio-visual and magazines
Cookery & Health
Culinary studios
Our Tampines Gallery

Level 3
Early Literary

Level 4
Terrace on 4
#spaceout – Teens zone

Level 5
Adults Non-Fiction
Study Lounge
Terrace on 5

Level 6
Adults Fiction
Programme Zone
Volunteers Section

Tampines Regional Library

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 9 pm. Closed on Public Holidays. Closed at 5 pm on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and the eve of Chinese New Year.

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