Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground: Level Up

Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground
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Little ones have plenty of play options at Our Tampines Hub and the Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground is definitely one that little kids can enjoy! Located at the Level 2 Sky Terrace, the Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground is great for children, especially toddlers. The playground is covered with a soft padded play area with brightly coloured abstract shapes.

There are two main play areas as well as an inclusive swing area.

Up and Down the Hill We Go

Bouncy Trampoline at Our Tampines Hub Level 2 PlaygroundAt the first play area, there are five play structures for children to interact with. On the far end, there is a small hill with a bouncy trampoline made out of rubber for little ones to bounce on.

Hill at the PlaygroundAt the centre of the playground are three play structures. This includes a brightly-coloured hill with a tube in the middle that children can crawl through or climb over.

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Playboard at OTH PlaygroundMusical Play at OTH PlaygroundThere are also two interactive boards, one with a series of grooves, pipes and movable parts, and another that resembles a mini xylophone that children can play with.

Round and Round We Go

UFO SpinnerOne of the popular play structures at the Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground is the UFO. This quirky take on a merry-go-round allows kids to sit comfortably inside little buckets and spin around in either direction. With enough weight on it, the structure will move around by itself thus allowing everyone to enjoy the ride without anyone having to miss out by being the “assigned pusher”.

Play structure at OTH Open Air Playground on Level 2At the second area, there is a swing for toddlers and smaller children. There is also a single-person spinner for children have a twirling good time! The final structure at Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground features a gentle slide, steps, and a mini rock climbing wall.

Inclusive Play

Inclusive swing at OTH playground level 2Last but not least, there is an inclusive swing located at the other end of the playground. It is fenced up to ensure that it is only operated under adult supervision. For users who are in a wheelchair, the swing has multiple safety features including the locking of wheels and a safety seatbelt.

Users of the swing should take note to return the keys that unlock the safety latch of the swing after use so as to ensure the safety and fun of the next user.

The Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground complements the Festive Play playground in the basement of the integrated complex. It is one of the many family-friendly facilities, including the rooftop swimming complex and water playground, at Our Tampines Hub. Be sure to stop by on your next visit to Our Tampines Hub with little ones!

Our Tampines Hub Level 2 Playground

Address: Level 2, Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523

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