Fun Indoor Parent-Child Workouts You Can Try Out

01 Indoor Parent-Child Workouts
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Working out with your kid is a fantastic activity. It not only gives you a chance for parent-child bonding and for your kids to develop important motor skills, it also opens up a space to talk about having a positive body image and health.

Here are a few ideas that you can try for the next parent-child workout session.


Avengers, assemble! Train up like some of your favourite Avenger superheroes with the Avengers Tabata workout challenge! It’s eight rounds of 20-second workouts and a 10-second rest in between. It’s not as easy as you think, but one has to train hard to be a superhero! We enjoyed following the workouts with their cool costumes and pretty epic graphics. Check out the Online Avengers Training Academy here too.

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2. Disney Workout by Disney Family

Get Moving With Disney Family and do workouts inspired by your favourite Disney characters such as Moana, Mulan and Peter Pan! Each exercise gives a full-body workout that keeps you healthy and strong!

3. P.E. with Joe

Joe is a London-based fitness coach, and his 30-minute workouts are designed to be done without any equipment, in a small space and is suitable for all ages. His new videos are broadcasted at 5 pm Singapore time, and are also uploaded on his YouTube channel, so they can be done any time of the day. Read more here.

4. Post Natal Barre Classes

Exercising with your kid might be fun, but what if your kid is still a baby? We love the concept by WeBarre where they offer a Mums and Bubs class. Barre is a great exercise to work up a sweat, and their 50-minute classes strengthen the body whilst allowing you to bond with your baby! Babies should be able to hold their heads up on their own before starting and can join in for up to 10 months of age. Find out more here.

5. Hi-5 Workout

“Five in the air let’s do it together, Hi-5!” Hi-5 has gone through some changes in the cast over the years, but the whole series is always filled with engaging skits, song and dance.

We found two episodes from the original cast of Hi-5 (sadly, the videos aren’t in HD), which are very fitting for our current stay-home situation. See how Kelly gets rid of the fidgets as she does her Rainy Day Workout below and how Nathan uses things around the house to create a fun obstacle course!

6. Wiggles Workouts

Dance is one of the best forms of exercise and doing it with the Wiggles and their catchy tunes add on to the fun! Many of their songs come with a dance that is easy to follow and lots of melodic harmonies. Check out The Shimmie Shake dance below or their other YouTube videos on their YouTube channel.

If you’re looking to create a new workout or have one that does not require any electronics, try the Deck of Cards workout here.

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