Lesser-Known Spots At Gardens By The Bay You May Have Missed

Lesser-Known Spots At Gardens By The Bay You May Have Missed
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Most visitors to Gardens by the Bay find themselves at the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, or, in the evenings, end up at the SuperTree Grove to watch the nightly light show. Families with children also enjoy the playground at the Far East Organization Children’s Garden.

Gardens by the Bay, SingaporeThese attractions rightly receive the bulk of visitors’ attention. However, as a botanical garden covering 101 hectres, Gardens by the Bay has other beautiful spots for visitors to enjoy and appreciate.

Here are some spots around Gardens by the Bay’s Outdoor Gardens that you may have missed.

Spots At Gardens By The Bay That You May Have Missed

Mushroom Hut

Mushroom Hut, Gardens by the BayThe Mushroom Hut at the Understorey can be found in the World of Plants section of Gardens by the Bay’s Outdoor Gardens. Under its brown roof, you can make-believe that you have shrunk like Ant-man or are an insect scurrying around amongst colourful mushrooms!

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Passageway of roots at Gardens by the BayGet an close-up look at roots without having to burrow underground at a nearby passageway too.

Animal Kingdom

Orang Utan, Web of Life, Secret Life of PlantsHave an encounter with an Orang Utan, Pangolin, Hornbill, Rhino Beetle and other creatures – in topiary form – at Gardens by the Bay. The Web of Life section of the World of Plants outdoor gardens has larger-than-life topiary animals that illustrate the interconnections between different animals.

Wind-up Crank at Gardens by the BayBehind each animal topiary is an station where you can wind-up a crank to hear the sound each animal makes.

Silver Trees

There are three clusters of SuperTrees spread out around the Gardens.

The SuperTree Grove is the largest and attracts plenty of visitors, especially during the evenings when the free light show comes on.

The Golden Garden is where Gardens by the Bay’s main drop-off point is located and is usually packed with people coming and going.

Silver Garden, Gardens by the BayThe third location at Gardens by the Bay where SuperTrees can be found is the Silver Garden. Located behind the Flower Dome, it serves as a less-busy counterpoint to the other two gardens and is the perfect if you are looking to get an Instagramable shot with the SuperTrees sans the crowds!

Jagged Stream

Gardens by the Bay has two well-known lakes – the Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher Lake. These lakes are designed to be extensions of the Marina Reservoir.

Where there are lakes there should be streams too.

Stream at Gardens by the BayIn the case of Gardens by the Bay, a flowing “stream” can be found behind the Chinese Garden at the Heritage Gardens.

Jagged Stream, Gardens by the BayThis jagged stream sends water flowing past sculptural rock formations, towards Dragonfly Lake.

Aquarium Under A Pond

Victoria Lily Pond, Gardens by the Bay, SingaporeThe Victoria Lily Pond is the smallest water body at Gardens by the Bay. The pond is named for the South American water plant, the Victoria Lily. These floating leaves are said to be able to support the weight of a baby – although we don’t recommend that you test this out.

Big Fish AquariumTo the rear of the pond, you can pay a visit to a Big Fish Aquarium. This tank is home to giant-sized fish such as the alligator gar, catfish and Amazonian arapaima.

Kingfisher Tree

Kingfisher Lake, Gardens by the BayIf you have hopes of seeing the kingfisher bird at its namesake lake, we have a tip for you.

Tree with a KingfisherAt the end of Kingfisher Lake closer to the Marina Reservoir is a tree which kingfishers appear to use as a perch to look out over the reservoir waters.

Kingfisher at Gardens by the BayTry spotting them there before they fly off to catch a meal in the water.

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