Gardens by the Bay Light Show: Garden Rhapsody Timings and Other Things to Know

Garden Rhapsody
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Lights and music transform the iconic Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay light show, Garden Rhapsody. This visual extravaganza brings a touch of sparkle to the towering structures, dressing them up in colours and bathed in music.

Here are some things you should about the Gardens by the Bay light show in 2020.

Gardens by the Bay Light Show Timing

From 8 January 2021, the first show will place at 7.45 pm and the second show at 8.45 pm. Each show lasts 15 minutes.

The light show is free – no tickets are required. Visitors need to just show up at Gardens by the Bay’s Supertree Grove and enjoy the lights and music.

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While you may head down to enjoy the lights and music in 2021, remember to keep a safe distance from others!

Where to View the Light Show

Garden Rhapsody takes place at the Supertree Grove.

There are three spots from which you can watch the Gardens by the Bay Light Show.

The first is from the fringes of Supertree Grove. This way, you can get an overview of the trees as they light up.

The next possible spot to watch Gardens Rhapsody is directly under the Supertrees. This places you in the midst of the lights and music.

You will find yourself cranking up your necks to watch the display of lights all around you. You may even find some people lying flat on their backs to look straight up at the lights.

The last viewing spot, and possibly the most epic, is from the OCBC Skywalk. You will have to buy a ticket beforehand to take an elevator up the Supertree to the Skywalk ahead of the showtime.

How Long is the Gardens by the Bay Light Show?

Garden Rhapsody, the Gardens by the Bay Light Show lasts for around 15 minutes. Arrive at the Supertree Grove early to catch it.

Special Editions

During special occasions, special editions of Garden Rhapsody are commissioned. In the past, there have been special Garden Rhapsody editions created with a Star Wars theme (known as Saber Trees) and with a Christmas theme.

In November and December, there is usually a special Christmas Edition of Garden Rhapsody in conjunction with Christmas Wonderland.

For 2021, the first special edition of the Gardens by the Bay light show will feature upbeat waltzes and music such as Frédéric Chopin’s Grande Valse Brilliante, Johann Strauss Junior’s By the Beautiful Blue Danube and Emile Waldteufe’s Skater Waltz.

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