8+ Family Friendly Sports To Play & Stay Active Together

Mini Tennis
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Want to get active together? A family that plays together stays together. One of the best ways to play is to do a sport together. With a shared love for a sport, family bonding is enjoyable for everyone.

8 Family-friendly Sports to Play

Here’s a list of family-friendly sports you might like to try with your loved ones.

1. Frisbee

Image by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Throw and catch! Simple enough?

All you need is a frisbee learn to throw is sideways and then catch it. It’s a sport that can be played in any open spaces. For younger children, just choose a shorter distance as a start.

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2. Cycling

8 Family-friendly Sports to Play - Cycling

Cycling has become a favourite family sport for many. Since park connector networks are now connecting most areas of Singapore, one can cycle all the way from the West to the East or try the Coast to Coast trail.

Favourite spots such as Jurassic Mile can be reached via East Coast Park. Easy spots include the parks like West Coast Park and some favourite scenic routes are at Rowers’ Bay and Rail Corridor.

If you would like some tips on cycling with your baby, click here.

3. Kayaking


For an upper body workout and an easily learnt sport, how about kayaking with your family?

This is one of our favourite family activities as we can work in pairs with a common goal. Apart from a workout, children above 6 can help with the paddling and assist the parents to move forward or back. We like that it’s a team effort kayaking in pairs.

One benefit of kayaking is the opportunity to get closer to flora and fauna, especially in the mangroves. Read about our experience kayaking at Sungei Khatib Bongsu here.

4. Kite Flying

Kite Flying

Let’s go fly a kite! Up to the highest height! In case, you don’t think kite flying is a sport, try running about to try to get the kite into the air! Isn’t it exhilarating to see kites soaring? Try flying a kite and it might thrill your children to no end.

There are many places to get kites and even more kite-flying spots in Singapore.

5. Badminton


Badminton is one racket sport that is relatively easy to learn. It is also very popular.

Simply get a net, rackets, shuttlecock and head to a relatively less windy area for a game!

6. Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis is a child-friendly version of tennis which uses smaller courts, nets and rackets as well as beginner tennis balls. Try it with your children or join one of Active SG family sessions. After mastering mini tennis techniques, the family can move on to rallying in Tennis.

7. Hiking/Walking

Prefer not to get any equipment? No problem, try hiking or walking in the park or the nature reserve with your family.

Spot crocodiles, monitor lizards and migratory birds at Sungei Buloh, head to a UNESCO heritage site or hike up Bukit Timah Hill.

Time outdoors is not just a way of boosting immunity, it is an activity to get the family moving towards closer ties and a greater appreciation of nature.

Here are other peaks to ascend. Even though we have no mountains, we have some terrains that are child-friendly!

8. Orienteering


If your family loves walking, jogging, hiking, we have one more sport that elevates the challenge. And that is orienteering!

Orienteering is something a family can strategise together while burning calories. It is an outdoor adventure sport involving racing and finding checkpoints on a map. Usually timing is involved and thus this means running or brisk walking to find the checkpoints!

We have more on orienteering with kids here.

9. Swimming

Have a day out in the water. Swimming is not only fun but it is also a full body workout. Make a splash by heading to a pool nearby, including pools in the neighbourhood which have water play areas too.

Tools to help you get moving with your family

To encourage you to explore new places and parks, use this map to find where to head to.

If our list has been tried and tested by your family, head to this list for unusual sports for your family!

Wishing you a sporty good time!

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