5 Best Parks in Tampines: Green Spaces In Tampines To Visit

5 Best Parks in Tampines: Green Spaces In Tampines To Visit
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Tampines is a town located in the far East of the island and surrounded by more than 20 parks and gardens. It is also Singapore’s first model cycling town. With all the green spaces to explore in Tampines, here are five of the best parks in Tampines that you should visit.

5 of the Best Parks in Tampines

Tampines Eco Green

Tampines Eco Green

Want to reconnect to nature? Tampines Eco Green is a patch of nature located by the Tampines Expressway, Tampines Avenue 12 and Sungei Tampines. It’s a great space for visitors who want to escape from the bustle of Tampines Town.

a08 tampines eco green

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Elements of the park to experience include the Marsh Trail, secondary forests, freshwater wetlands, vegetated swales and open grasslands. There are also several bird hides located around The Tampines Eco Green park for bird watching.

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Tampines Forest Green

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Surrounded by the flora and fauna of Tampines Green Forest Residences, this impressive park and playground can be seen from a distance away. It has a large playground structure, a fitness corner and a tall tower with cargo nets and a huge slide.

Tampines Green Forest Park Playground

The large surrounding space of Tampines Green Forest Park is an ideal location for a run or a stroll around the area. There are jogging paths with great scenery, as well as lawn spaces for outdoor activities.

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Tampines Central Park


Some might be familiar with the Watermelon Playground and the Mangosteen Playground in Tampines which was inspired by the fruit farms that were once found in Tampines. This iconic playground is located in Tampines Central Park and is a great spot for imaginative play as well as a nice photo or two.

15 Tampines Central Park

Besides the playgrounds, other amenities within Tampines Central Park include exercise stations and a fenced-off dog run as well as a footpath to the Our Tampines Hub, making it convenient to visit the park from the integrated centre.

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Tampines Maze Garden

Tampines Maze Garden

The Tampines Maze Garden is at Blk 944 of Tampines Avenue 5, opposite Our Tampines Hub. It has not one but three mazes for visitors to explore and walk around.

Mazes in Tampines Maze Garden

The central maze has no tall grass or hedges. Instead, visitors are invited to navigate through the different outlines and paths demarcated by little patches of grass. There are also two other mazes in the same space, benches as well as exercise equipment spread out around the area of the park.

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Sun Plaza Park

Sense Discovery Garden

Sun Plaza Park in Tampines can be found at Tampines Avenue 7 and 9. It offers a lush green spot to exercise and several interesting features such as a Sense Discovery Garden, which consists of 10 stations that engage the senses.

Tampines Sun Plaza Park amphitheatre

Another highlight of Sun Plaza Park is the woodball course as well as the various exercise facilities that visitors can use to work a sweat and take in the fresh air. Families can also enjoy the sand-based playground includes equipment such as swings and climbing obstacles.

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