Sun Plaza Park: Sense Discovery Garden And Woodball Course In Tampines

Sun Plaza Park: Sense Discovery Garden And Woodball Course In Tampines
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Sun Plaza Park in Tampines can be found at Tampines Avenue 7 and 9. This neighbourhood park, not far from Tampines Eco Green, offers a lush green spot to exercise and several interesting features. It is located alongside the MRT line, with trains running between Tampines and Pasir Ris passing by every few minutes.

Sense Discovery Garden

Sense Discovery Garden

A highlight of Sun Plaza Park is the Sense Discovery Garden. Consisting of 10 stations which engage the senses, the Sense Discovery Garden is an interactive play spot for families and children.

Talking Tube - Sun Plaza Park

Try speaking into talking tube or turning a tumbler to see what happens. Other features include a ladder wall, sliding beads and textured walls.

Collectively, they allow visitors to experience different sounds and different tactile surfaces.

Woodball Course

Woodball Course

Another highlight of Sun Plaza Park is the woodball course.

Woodball Course in Singapore

There are a total of 12 fairways which have been built to meet international standards.

Other Facilities at Sun Plaza Park

Tampines Sun Plaza Park is also ideal for those who wish to get in some exercise. The footpaths provide an easy course for those out for fresh air.

For those who wish to get closer in touch with nature, Tampines Eco Green is a short distance away. This unique green space offers a chance to “disappear” back to nature, right at the edge of the Tampines housing estate.

Tampines Sun Plaza Park amphitheatre

Back at Tampines Sun Plaza Park, an amphitheatre at the park serves as a stage for community events and gatherings.

Tampines Sun Plaza Park Playground

Not too far away is a children’s playground, located beside several housing apartment blocks. This sand-based playground includes equipment such as swings and climbing obstacles.

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The park is also home to trumpet trees. When these local “cherry blossoms” drop their pink flowers, the park’s fields turn into a carpet of pink.

Sun design at Sun Plaza Park

When visiting the park, keep a look out for the sun motif – an obvious reference to its name.

Sun Plaza Park Map
Image: Google Maps

What is less obvious is that the paths at Sun Plaza Park have been designed to form a “sun” if viewed from above. An interesting quirk of this Tampines park.

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