Tampines Eco Green: Back-To-Nature Vibes

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Tampines Eco Green is not exactly the easiest to find, but that is also kind of the point. The park, which is hemmed in by the Tampines Expressway, Tampines Avenue 12 and Sungei Tampines, is a little patch of nature just a short distance away from the bustle of Tampines Town.

In line with the back-to-nature vibe of the park, there isn’t even lighting within the park. Be warned, Tampines Eco Green’s toilet is a compost-based amenity (the nearest “flushing” one is at Sun Plaza Park).

Reconnect with Nature at Tampines Eco Green

Nature Escape - Tampines Eco Green

A visit to Tampines Eco Green is chance to reconnect with nature. The only pity is that the sound of traffic or the passing MRT train is never too far away. But, that’s Singapore for you.

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Footpaths at Tampines Eco Green

Footpaths around Tampines Eco Green make a loop that encircles the park.

Signboards at Tampines Eco Green

A lot of the infrastructure, for example, the signboards and the park benches, is also made out of natural materials.

Layout of Tampines Eco Green

We ventured into the park from the Main Entrance along Tampines Avenue 12. The shady trees beckoned us to venture further in. Our destination was the lookout platform at the opposite corner of Tampines Eco Green.

Different Eco-Systems and Biodiversity

We headed along the Marsh Trail, pushing forward deeper into the all-natural park. The terrain in the park included secondary forests, freshwater wetlands, vegetated swales and open grasslands. Compared with other parks, Tampines Eco Green is less manicured and feels more “wild”.

Vegetated Swale

There were also some magnificent vistas with just the open sky in the distance.

Water Fowl

The Eco Green is home to wildlife such as marsh birds. On our visit, we managed to spot monitor lizards and water fowl, scouring around in the tall grass.

Bird hides

There are also several bird hides located around Tampines Eco Green – strategically located to overlook the water.

When we got to the lookout point at the far end of the park, we were slightly disappointed as it looked as if the pond was overgrown with vegetation. But, that’s nature, right?

Tampines Eco Green Pond

Nevertheless, Tampines Eco Green is an interesting place to visit and explore; it is a nice nature getaway tucked away in the corner of Tampines.

Entrance to Tampines Eco Green

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