Bringing The Station To You: Slides At Jurong Fire Station And Hybrid Vehicles!

Bringing The Station To You: Slides At Jurong Fire Station And Hybrid Vehicles!
Image: SCDF Facebook
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The last episode of Singapore Civil Defence Force casts the spotlight on Jurong Fire Station. Located Jurong West Street 26, the fire station has the distinction of having a slide!

The episode of Bringing the Station to You is hosted by Lieutenant Lina. She gives a brief account of Jurong Fire Station’s history, presents some of its unique features and the life-saving equipment found within the station.

Jurong Fire Station: Station 41

Also known as Station 41, Jurong Fire Station used to be located along at Boon Lay Drive where it operated for 40 years. It relocated to its present location just three years ago in November 2017.

As a new fire station, it was designed with new features.

Jurong Fire Station - Slides
Image: SCDF Facebook

Traditionally, fire stations have poles which allow fire fighters to make a quick descent down to their vehicles. The Jurong Fire Station has done away with the poles and replaced them with slides.

These look similar to curved slides that you would find at playgrounds such as the nearby Jurong Central Park. One distinction of these slides at the fire station is that they have a much steeper gradient and tighter turns to fit into a confined space.

When two firefighters demonstrate how to make use of the slide in the Bringing the Station to You video, it does look pretty exciting.

They were introduced in place of poles to enhance the safety of fire fighters without compromising response times.

Fire Medical Vehicle

Fire Medical Vehicle
Image: SCDF Facebook

Another piece of equipment at Jurong Fire Station which is introduced in the video is the Fire Medical Vehicle. It is a two-in-one vehicle which combines a fire engine with an ambulance.

This strange vehicle reminded us of an okapi.

This hybrid vehicle also requires the personnel who operate it to be conversant in both fire-fighting and medical skills. In the video, we get to meet Sergeant Sybil who is able to respond to fire, rescue and medical emergencies.

Talk about having to multi-task at work!


This is the last episode of Singapore Civil Defence Force’s Bringing the Fire Station to you. We’ve enjoyed the series which also highlighted Marina Bay Fire Station and Yishun Fire Station.

Watch the Jurong Fire Station video below.

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