SCDF Videos Bring The Fire Stations To You

SCDF Videos Bring The Fire Stations To You
Image: SCDF Facebook
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Before the current COVID-19 situation, Fire Station Open Houses would be held all over Singapore on Saturday mornings by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). These were much looked-forward-to events, especially for families with young children who aspired to be firemen when they grew up.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fire Station Open House visits have been suspended since late March 2020. And while the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery is reopening again from 4 July 2020, the fire station open houses will remain suspended.

“Bringing the Station to You” Videos

For curious kids (and adults) who have always wondered what goes on behind the gates of the fire station, SCDF has a new series of short Facebook videos “Bringing the Station to You”.

Marina Bay Fire Station
Image: SCDF Facebook

The first video showcases one of the newest fire stations in Singapore, Marina Bay Fire Station. It includes a demonstration of the Aerial Ladder, one of the newest appliances used by the SCDF.

The Aerial Ladder is a multifunctional piece of equipment in the SCDF’s arsenal. Its key features is that it can extend up to 56 metres up into the air, which is about the equivalent of being up approximately 17 stories high off the ground.

Aerial Ladder - Bringing the Station to You
Image: SCDF Facebook

In the first video of “Bringing the Station to You”, you can also see the Aerial Ladder in action and watch as its water jets are used to tame a fire. You can get a view from the top of the Ariel Ladder as well! It is quite an amazing view of the Central Business District.


Watch the video below.

SCDF promises more videos in this series in the weeks to come. Look out for them on the SCDF’s Facebook page.

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