Circle Green Park: Three Playgrounds Including An Amazing Climbing Pyramid

Circle Green Park: Massive Climbing Net Playground
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Woodlands has its fair share of awesome children’s playgrounds and one of the most fun ones can be found at Circle Green Park.

Amidst the neighbourhood flats at Woodlands Circle, there are not one, not two but three play areas with varying play elements for kids to enjoy at Circle Green Park.

Climbing Pyramid Playground

The highlight of the Circle Green Park playground is the huge climbing pyramid at the centre of the park.

Climbing Pyramid Playground

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The blue-coloured climbing structure has rope nets for kids to ascend.

Blue House - Circle Green Park

At the very top, there is a blue “house” which is connected to a red-and-cream coloured tube slide which twirls its way groundwards. From a distance, the playground looks like a lighthouse or a lantern.

Orange Rope Tunnel - Circle Green Park

An orange net tunnel also connects the blue Circle Green playground structure to an elevated level above the playground floor. It provides a fun, alternative way to enter into the play structure.


Playground in Woodlands

Another tube slide connects to the net tunnel.

Circle Green Park Playground Nets

Cargo nets offer other entry routes.

Pirate Ship at Circle Green Playground

Pirate Ship at Circle Green Playground

At the southwestern end of Circle Green Park lies another playground. This one has a pirate ship play structure. Look out for the green alligator on the ground!


A rope merry-go-round and a linear see-saw off this playground.


Low table

We couldn’t quite figure out what this low table was for. Perhaps a way to teach kids about pie charts and fractions?

Swings at Circle Green Park

Completing the trifecta of playgrounds at Circle Green Park is an area with many swings at the northeastern section of the park.

Swings at Circle Green Park

Here, there is a hexagonal swing structure…

Rope swing

… a rope swing

Bucket swings

… and even bucket swings for young children.


Play frame at Circle Green Park

There is also another multi-coloured play frame nearby too.

Circle Green Park offers varied play options for kids of different ages. There are play elements that cater to the younger age set and more challenging obstacles for older kids. It is fun Woodlands neighbourhood playground which different ages can enjoy.

Circle Green Park is located at Woodlands Circle, in front of Blocks 731, 732 and 733.


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