The Woodlands Dragon Playground: A Modern Take On A Classic

Woodlands Dragon Playground
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Most of us are familiar with the iconic dragon playground at Toa Payoh, and perhaps even the one at Ang Mo Kio. However, fewer people are familiar with the Woodlands dragon playground.

Woodlands Dragon Playground

Woodlands Dragon Playground

Standing in plain sight beside the MRT tracks, the Woodlands Dragon Playground is found at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 7 and Woodlands Street 83, in front of Block 852.

Head of the Dragon Playground in Woodlands

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Just taking a look at the head of Dragon Playground in Woodlands and you can immediately see that it is a nod to the classic Toa Payoh Dragon Playground design. Even though this playground is not made out of mosaic, the shape of the head retains the blockish stylings of its famous counterpart.

Joys of Childhood

Playing at the Woodland Dragon Playground

At the Woodlands Dragon Playground, kids can still climb up its spine, through a tunnel that makes up its body. A fireman’s pole at the Dragon’s head allows for quick descent to the ground.

The Modern Dragon Playground

Aesthetically, the Woodlands playground has four legs which prop it up. It also has a pair of wings that look ready for flight. Underneath the Dragon, there is equipment for kids to scale up and down.

Zodiac garden at Woodlands

Interestingly enough, the Dragon Playground in Woodlands does not seem to be standalone piece. Close by, the rest of the Chinese zodiac animals can be found in sculptural form.

Other Playgrounds at Woodlands Street 83

Besides the Woodlands Dragon, there are two other play areas nearby worth mentioning.

Netted Tunnel Playground in Woodlands

In front of Block 851, a netted tunnel playground beckons.

Climbing equipment

The rope and steel structure features climbing ropes at both ends and is itself a giant climbing apparatus.

Crystal Sphere at Woodlands

At Block 853, the urge to climb continues with a multi-layered rope dome. With eight steel legs, its web made up of rope provides endless climbing opportunities for children.

Climbing pockets

A central column runs through the middle of the sphere.

Murals in Woodlands

While visiting the playgrounds at Woodlands Street 83, do also stop by Block 852 to have a look at the murals which depict nostalgic scenes of Singapore’s past.

Dragon Playground in Woodlands

Where: In front of Block 852, Woodlands Street 83

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