Causeway Point Water Playground: Dinosaur Wet Play Area With A Volcano!

Causeway Point Water Playground: Dinosaur Wet Play Area With A Volcano!
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It’s fun of dino-sized proportions at the dino-themed wet playground at Causeway Point, located on the 7th floor of the Woodlands shopping mall. The Causeway Point water playground invites kids to come out and play amongst brightly-coloured friends of the prehistoric type.

The dinosaur-themed Causeway Point wet playground is divided into two different zones.

Highlights at the Causeway Point Dinosaur Water Playground

Fossil Spray and Toddler Dino Zone

Toddler Dino Zone at the Causeway Point Water Playground

The Fossil Spray and Toddler Dino Zone is great for kids to enjoy some water play or to cool off in the Ribcage Fossil.

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Sensory Water Play at Causeway Point Playground

Young ones can head over to the Dino Egg Tray for simple water play. Water cascades through a series of “egg shells” which have little spinning wheels and levers for sensory play.

Dino Rib Zone at Causeway Point Water Playground

A highlight of this zone is the hollow dinosaur rib cage. Suspended in the middle of the rib cage is a dinosaur bone which kids can sit on. Parents, do supervise your kids and make sure they only sit on the bone; it is not for standing on.

Water Jets Button

Step on a button on the floor to activate water jets from the ammonites nearby.

Adventure Volcano & Crater Zone

Adventure Volcano & Crater Zone

Dino friends await close by. Two cute dinosaurs have just hatched from their eggs. Perched above on a rocky pillar is a purple Pterodactyl.

Emerging from the pond-shaped pattern on the rubberised floor is a huge blue Sauropod which sprouts out a jet of water. Kids can also run between its tail and body where more spray jets await.

These friendly dinosaurs are all present to welcome kids to the Causeway Point wet playground.

Jump Pads

Multiple jets of water create splashes zones for kids to enjoy. Some of the water jets land in jumping pads where kids can make a big splash with joy. The fun play area is great for them to cool off or even play a game of “the floor is lava”.

Volcano at the Water Park

Speaking of lava, the highlight of the Causeway Point wet playground is its towering volcano. It is the centrepiece of the Adventure Volcano & Crater Zone and kids can climb up a terraced slope reach the entrance of the volcano.


There are handholds by the side of the slope if kids need some help to reach the volcano.

Causeway Point Water Play Area Volcano

Every few minutes, a splash of water erupts from the volcano.

Causeway Point Water Playground Water Slide

Instead of lava flows, the Causeway Point water playground’s volcano has two slides.

Orange water slide

Kid can pretend that they are magma making an escape down the open orange slide which a stream of water to aid them along.

Dry slide

The other slide is a dry tube slide.

Stairs to reach the volcano

And here’s a secret – there’s a set of stairs at the back of the volcano.


Kids can take those stairs and enter into the volcano and admire the fossils inside.

Musical Play Equipment

Other play equipment at the playground include a set of musical tubes and a set of hand drums for kids to create some tribal beats.

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. When dusk arrives, neon lights illuminate the water playground, giving it a mysterious glow. An evening visit is a different experience from the daytime.

Shower area

For the ease and convenience of parents, there is an outdoor shower area for kids to rinse off after playing at the wet playground. However, there are no changing rooms and parents who wish to get their kids to change their clothes may have to head to the toilets indoors. Do dry off the kids first!

Visiting the Dino-themed Causeway Point Wet Playground

The Causeway Point water play area is a fun way for young kids to imagine that they are making the transition back in time, to an era where dinosaurs and fun times reigned supreme.

The dino-themed wet playground at Causeway Point opens to the public on Monday, 20 June 2022.

Admission is free. Opening hours are from 10.30 am to 9 pm, daily.

Want to check out more dinosaurs around the Woodlands neighbourhood? Go on the trail here.

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