Tampines Tree Garden: Playground And Fit Station

Tampines Tree Garden: Play And Get Fit
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Located in the heart of HDB estates along Tampines Street 33, the Tampines Tree Garden is an interesting community spot near Block 323 Tampines, directly behind the Blk 323 bus stop. There are useful facilities here such as a playground, a resting area and even a mini-gym!

Tampines Tree Garden Playground

Playground at Tampines Tree Garden

Located in the centre of the garden, there is a playground with multiple slides, climbing walls, as well as movable blocks that children can play “tic-tac-toe” or “mix and match” on. There are also long palm trees as part of the décor of the playground.

Gym and exercise spots at Tampines Tree Garden

The Gym Pod

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Another eye-catching spot here is The Gym Pod located at the Tampines Tree Garden. Proud to be Asia’s first 24-hr Smart Container Gym Chain, The Gym Pod is furnished with basic equipment to work up some sweat without having to travel all the way to the public or private gym.

badminton court

There is also a badminton court for those who wish to play badminton. Players will have to bring their own equipment such as a net and racket.

Resting area at Tampines Tree Garden

Resting area at Tampines Tree Garden

Be it for a resting place after a workout or even one to end a long day, there is a sheltered area that members of the community can rest and relax at.

bright yellow swing

There is also a bright yellow swing which makes it a great resting place on a cool evening.

The mystery that remains is the question of how this spot got the name of “Tampines Tree Garden”. Residents and community members who are able to offer insight can drop us a mail at hello@littledayout.com.

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