Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden: Neighbourhood Green Spot & Swings

Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden
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Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden is a quiet neighbourhood spot along Tampines Street 11, providing a spot of tranquility for those seeking solace.

Visiting the Garden

Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden - What to See and Do

The Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden opened in September 2019. It is so named because it is filled with many plants which attract butterflies.

Paths at Tampines Park

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These plants hide quaint gravel paths which visitors to the Tampines Street 11 park can enjoy. Shuffling along, there is greenery all around to enjoy, just beside the apartment blocks.

Swings at the Tampines Butterfly Park

A set of garden swings can be found at the front of the park. Venturing further in, there a gentle slope which leads upwards to a small wooden alcove where visitors can take a seat and enjoy the greenery around them.

Butterfly Garden

A small set of terraces can be found just in front of the wooden seating area.

A short distance away from Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden, there is an overhead bridge which leads across the Pan Island Expressway to Simei.

A set of paths also head eastwards and connect up with the Tampines Park Connector that run under the MRT line, connecting Tampines and Simei.

Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden

Tampines Changkat Butterfly Garden may not be a large park, but it is one which does provide a quiet place in the neighbourhood to take some time out to reflect and enjoy nature in the midst of the surrounding housing apartment blocks.

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