130 Skeleton Jokes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

130 Skeleton Jokes To Tickle Your Funny Bone
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Skeleton jokes are sure to get you laughing because they are extremely “humerus”. We love how there are so many ways to extract puns and funny jokes about skeletons. 

No matter the occasion – whether it be Halloween or some other opportunity – these skeleton jokes are super funny. They are great for sharing a laugh with friends and family. You will find these skeleton jokes for kids and adults a key to lightening up the mood. 

We hope that you enjoy all these skeleton puns and jokes.

Best Funny Skeleton Jokes

Best Funny Skeleton Jokes

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1. Why do skeletons make the best stand-up comics?
Because their jokes are extremely humerus!

2.What do call a tall tale told by a skeleton?
A little fib-ula.

3. What is a skeleton’s favorite type of pasta?
Spaghetti bone-lonaise.

4. What do skeletons eat on a hot day?
Ice cream bones.

5. Why was the skeleton unable to get out of bed?
Because he was bone-tired!

6. Did you hear about the skeleton that was feeling sick and decided to go see his doctor?
He was running a temperature and had femur.

7. Why did the skeleton go to the bank when he wanted to buy a new house?
Because he needed to take a home bone.

8. How do skeletons celebrate their favorite holidays?
They eat, drink and be scary.

9. How did the skeleton look after he had worked out at the gym?

10. Where do skeletons go to repair their cars after an accident?
They take them to the body shop.

11. What do you call a skeleton that accompanies teens to the prom?
A chaper-bone.

12. What’s a skeleton’s favorite musical instrument?
A tromBone.

13. What did the skeleton chef say as he serves a meal?
Bone Appetit!

14. Why do skeletons like to go to the hockey game?
Because they like watching the zam-boney.

15. Why are skeletons so calm?
Because nothing gets under their skin.

16. What does a skeleton order at a Chinese restaurant?
Spare ribs.

17. How do French skeletons say greet each other in the morning?

18. What did skeletons use to listen to music in the past?
A gramo-bone.

19. Did you hear about the skeleton who goes door to door at Halloween press the bell?
He is a dead ringer.

20. Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
No body.

21. What is a skeleton’s favorite African country?
Sierra Le-bone.

22. What did one skeleton say to the other skeleton he was having an argument with?
You’re dead to me.

23. Why did the skeleton drop out of medical school?
Because his heart wasn’t in it.

24. Why did the skeleton go to jail?
Because he was bad to the bone.

25. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the prom?
Because he had no body to go with.

26. How did the skeleton with no friends feel?
Extremely bonely.

27. Why can’t skeletons play music in church?
Because they have no organs.

28. Why didn’t the skeleton laugh at the joke?
Because he didn’t have a funny bone.

29. What did the skeleton propose to his girlfriend?
Will you marrow me?

30. When does a skeleton laugh?
When someone tickles his funny bone.

31. What do you call a skeleton who goes to school but doesn’t do any work?
Lazy bones.

32. What do skeletons say when they set off to sea?
Bone voyage!

33. What is a skeleton’s favorite type of candy?

34. What do skeletons hate the most about the wind?
Nothing. It goes right through them.

35. Why didn’t the skeleton rob the bank?
Because he didn’t have the guts.

36. Where did the repairman skeleton go to look for spare parts?
The boneyard.

37.What’s a skeleton’s favorite jazz instrument?
A sax-a-bone.

38. Why do skeletons hate the cold?
Because it sends chills up their spine.

39. What do you call a skeleton snake?
A rattler.

40. How did the skeleton know it was going to rain?
He could feel it in his bones.

Skeleton Jokes for Kids

Skeleton Jokes for Kids

The “key” to a good laugh with these skeleton jokes is to look on the bright side of them. We think that you will find the funny skeleton jokes play on the different aspects like bones and puns to do with skeletons. 

41. What happened to the skeleton who sat by the fire too long?
He became bone dry.

42.How does a skeleton watch the latest soap opera?
On the skelevision.

43.What happened to the pirate ship that sank in a sea full of sharks?
It came back with a skeleton crew.

44. What kind of fish do skeletons like to eat?

45. Why did the skeleton go to the dance hall?
Because he wanted to see the boogie man.

46. What is half the diameter of a skeletal circle?
The radius.

47. What do you call a skeleton who hangs out in coffee shops and listens to indie music?
A hip-ster.

48. What did the skeleton use to get into his home?
A skeleton key.

49. What is a skeleton’s favorite thing to do with their cell phone?
Take skelfies.

50. Why couldn’t the police arrest the skeleton?
They couldn’t find a body of evidence.

51. How did the skeleton know the other skeleton was lying?
Because he could see right through him.

52. What is a skeleton’s favorite sweet treat?

53. What was the skeleton’s favorite line from Shakespeare?
Tibia or not tibia.

54. How do skeletons get ready for Halloween night?
They bleach their bones bright white.

55. Where did the skeleton keep his pet bird?
In his rib cage.

56. Who is the skeleton King of Rock and Roll?
Pelvis Presley.

57; How does a skeleton relax and get clean?
She takes a milk bath.

58. Why are skeletons so good at telling jokes?
Because they have a funny bone.

59. What do skeletons take to go on holidays?
A scare-plane.

60. What is a skeleton’s favorite type of art?

61. Why can you trust skeletons not to lie?
Because they always want tibia honest!

62. How was the famous skeleton detective able to solve the crime?
He was able to feel it in his bones.

63. Why was the skeleton hired to play in the band?
Because he had the trom-bone.

64.. How do you describe a skeleton that loves extreme sports?
Bone to be wild.

65. What did the boy skeleton tell this his girlfriend on Valentine’s day?
Nobody is going to rib us apart.

66. What do skeletons who perform very well at work receive?
A bone-us.

67. Why did the skeleton start a fight with another skeleton at the butchers?
Because he had a bone to pick!

68. Why were the workers unable to complete the job on time?
Because they only had a skeleton crew!

69. Why was the skeleton too scared to go bungee jumping?
He didn’t have the stomach to do it!

70. What is a Japanese skeleton’s favorite kind of tree?
A bone-sai tree.

71. What job on a construction site is best suited to a skeleton?
Cranium operator.

72. What is a skeleton’s favorite fruit?

73. What is a Vietnamese skeleton’s favorite food?

74. What kind of pasta do skeletons enjoy eating the most?
Elbow macaroni.

75. What store do skeletons love to snack at when they visit the mall?

76. How does a skeleton pay for stuff?
With crypt-o-currency.

77. Why don’t dogs like skeletons?
Because they refuse to throw the dog a bone!

78. What is a skeleton’s favorite New Jersey rock band?
Bone Jovi.

79. What happened to the skeleton who spent too long in the ocean?
He got Bone-acles.

80. Which kind of tableware do French skeletons dine on?
Bone china.

Even More Skeleton Jokes & Puns

Even More Skeleton Jokes & Puns

We hope that you are getting a laugh out of these funny skeleton jokes and skeleton puns. We’ve got more of them waiting for you below!

81. What did the Japanese skeleton put in his sushi?
Bone-ito flakes.

82. What’s a name for dinosaur skeletons living on an island?
Thoracic Park.

83. What do old skeletons complain about?
Aching bones.

84. Why did the skeleton go to acting classes?
He wanted tibia star.

85. Why can’t skeletons fly over Area 51?
It was a no-fly-bone.

86. What type of steak do skeletons order at the grill house?
The T-bone.

87. Why do skeletons drink so much milk?
It’s good for the bones!

88. What does a skeleton use to get a better view of New York City?
A skele-copter.

89. What is a skeleton’s favorite type of film to watch?
A spine-tingler.

90. Why did the skeleton climb up the tree?
Because a dog was after his bones!

91. What’s a skeleton’s least favorite room in the house?
The living room.

92. How much does an elephant skeleton weigh?

93. How did skeleton cowboys send letters to each other?
By using the bony express.

94 Who is the most famous French skeleton emperor?
Napolean Bone-aparte.

95. Who is the most famous skeleton detective?
Sherlock Bones.

96. What did the doctor say to the skeleton who had a temperature of 103 degrees?
“Looks like you are running a femur.”

97. What’s a skeleton’s favorite 70s rock band?
The Grateful Dead.

98. How do you give a skeleton a pat on the back?
With a spinal tap.

99. Why did the skeleton have a broken heart?
Because his Boney lay over the ocean.

100. What kind of hats does the skeleton baseball league wear?

101. How do you keep food warm at a skeleton buffet?
Put it in the Bone-marie.

102. Why did the skeleton want to go out to the night club?
He heard it was a hip joint.

103. Where do teenage skeletons go for class?
High skull.

104. Who is a skeleton’s favorite female movie star?
Ulna Thurman.

105. What kind of jokes do skeletons tell?
Humerus ones.

106. What do skeleton chefs use to cut through meat in the kitchen?
A shoulder blade.

107. How does a skeleton cut up his steak dinner?
With a boning knife.

108. Why was the skeleton a success at work?
Because he had a head for business.

109. Why did the skeleton go to the butcher?
He was hoping to put some flesh on his bones.

110. What Spanish food do skeletons enjoy most?

111. Why were the skeletons’ fingers missing?
Because he had worked them to the bone.

112. Why was the skeleton scared of the baby?
Because he was an ankle biter.

113. What do you call a heavy skeleton?
A skeletonne.

114. What kind of birds do skeletons like?
Sea skulls.

115. What do you call a military formation of skeletons?
A phalanx

116. How did the skeleton get his cattle to the slaughter house?
He drove them in his CAR-cass.

117. Where do naughty skeletons buy concert tickets from?
They buy them from a ticket scapula.

118. How does a French skeleton say good night?

119. What is it called when a skeleton lawyer works for free?
Pro Bone-O.

120. Why did the skeleton go to the hospital?
To have his ghoul bladder removed.

121. What do you call a lie told by a skeleton?
A fibula.

122. Why can’t skeletons work in the mines?
Because they only go six feet under.

123. What’s a skeleton’s coolest body part?
The hip.

124. Why did the skeletons stay out of the forest?
Because sticks and stones will break their bones.

125. Why was the skeleton acquitted in court?
Because they could not find any body to give evidence against him.

126. What did the skeleton say to his wife?
I love every bone in your body.

127. What did the skeleton use to call his friends?
A tele-bone.

128. Why did the little skeleton pretend to be sick?
He didn’t want to go to skull!

129. Why did the skeleton have to wear a coat in winter?
Because he was chilled to the bone.

130. What do you call a surgeon that specializes in treating skeletons?
A bone doctor.

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