105 Funny Monster Jokes That Will Kraken You Up

Funny Monster Jokes That Will Kraken You Up
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The thought of monsters keeping little ones up at night? The best way to get rid of them is with some funny monster jokes! 

These crazy monster jokes are great for holidays like Halloween or just to help lift the spirits. We think that they are super fun when you want to have a good laugh late at night, or when you are having a sleepover party.

Ready for a monstrously good time of belly laughs? 

Funniest Monster Jokes That Will You Leave Laughing

Funniest Monster Jokes That Will You Leave Laughing

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1. What do you call a singing monster with a lot of fans?
A mon-star!

2. What game do little monster’s like to play?
Hide and shriek.

3. Why did the police call in the mummies to the crime scene?
Because they know how to wrap up a case.

4. What is Frankenstein’s favorite vehicle?
A monster truck.

5. Why did Frankenstein’s Monster go to the chiropractor?
Because he was feeling stiff all over.

6. Why is Frankenstein’s Monster always laughing?
Because the doctor keeps him in stitches.

7. Did you hear about the fake flying spaghetti monster?
It was an impasta.

8. Why did the monster need to buy lip balm?
His lips were Kraken.

9. Why was there no food left at the end of the monster party?
Because everyone was a goblin.

10. What did the sea monster say to the stand-up comedian?
You’re Kraken me up.

11. What is cyclops’ favorite treat on hot summer days?

12. What did the grandfather werewolf say to his grandson after not seeing him for a year?
You gruesome.

13. What monster can be found in Scandinavian forests?

14. What do you call a vampire that never loses at any games?

15. Who did Frankenstein’s monster take to the prom?
His ghoul friend.

16. What did Frankenstein turn on during the summer?
The scare conditioner.

17. What did the monster go door to door selling?
Ghoul scout cookies.

18. On what day do monsters eat people?

19. What’s the best way to speak to a scary monster?
From a great distance away.

20. Why did the sea monster eat five ships carrying spuds?
Because no one can eat just one potato ship.

21. What do sea monsters eat on a beach holiday?
Fish ‘n’ ships.

22. Why did the werewolf go to bed early?
Because he was dog-tired!

23. Why do cyclopes get along well with one another?
Because they always see eye to eye.

24. What has horns, long fangs and can fly?
A ram-pire.

25. Did you hear that Bigfoot can grow up to 15 feet?
But they usually only have two.

26. Why did the monster knit herself four socks?
Because she had four feet.

27. What song monsters like to hear at a party?
The Monster Mash.

28. What type of lock does a zombie use?
A dead bolt lock.

29. Did you hear about the zombie that composed a symphony?
It was a monster-piece.

30. Why do demons get along so well with ghouls?
Because demons are a ghouls best friend.

31. What time is it when a huge monster sits on your car?
Time to get a new car.

32. Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
No, they eat the fingers separately.

33. Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Juan who?
Juan Eyed Monster.

Larger-than-Life Monster Jokes for Good Laughs

Larger-than-Life Monster Jokes for Good Laughs

We hope that you are enjoying these funny monster jokes. We are sure that you will be getting monstrous laughs with them. Whether it is sea monsters, vampires or any other monster, we’ve jokes about all of them here. 

34. Which monsters hibernate all winter?
The bearwolf.

35. Who is the brightest monster?

36. What is the best way to speak to a monster?
From a far, far distance.

37. What’s a zombie’s favorite type of bean?
Human beans.

38. Why are monsters covered with lots of wrinkles?
Because it is too hard to iron a monster.

39. How do monsters like their eggs cooked?

40. What do you call a big white monster with a six-pack?
The abdominal snowman.

41. What do you call a monster that you can’t find?
A where wolf.

42. How do you greet a three-headed monster?
Hello, hello, hello.

43. What is a therapist’s least favorite monster?
Vampires, because they are the worst at self-reflection.

44. What do you call a monster with great manners?

45. What type of hot dogs do monsters eat in October?

46. What is little monsters favorite ride at the amusement park?
The scary-go-round.

47. Did you know that Albert Einstein had a famous brother?
Frank was a monster.

48. What do monsters like on thier sundaes?
Whipped scream.

49. What do little monsters call their parents?
Mummy and dead-y.

50. What do you do with a green monster?
Wait until it’s ripe.

51. What type of monster has the best hearing?
The eeriest one.

52. Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Luke who?
Luke at the big monster behind you!

53. What was the dramatic monster’s favorite Shakespeare play?
Romeo and Ghouliet.

54. Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Vampire who?
Vampire state building.

55. What do zombies read every morning?
Their HORROR-scope.

56. What vampire always eats junk food?

57. Where do monsters like to go for a hike?
Death Valley. 

58. Did you hear that Dr. Frankenstein won the Mr Universe competition?
He was an amazing body builder.

59. Monsters aren’t usually good at math.
Unless you count Dracula.

60. What do monsters like to eat with their sandwiches?

61. What monster loves dance music?
The boogeyman.

62. Where do you find a monster snail?
At the end of a monster’s finger.

63. Did you hear about the man who switched some of the m and n keys on the computer keyboards in the office?
Some might call him a monster, others a nomster.

64. Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Ice Cream.
Ice cream who?
Ice cream when I see monsters.

65. What did the sea monster say after eating the ship?
I can’t believe I ate the hull thing.

66. Where do monsters live on the street?
At the dead end.

Even More Monster Jokes and Puns

Even More Monster Jokes and Puns

Monsters aren’t so scary if you can have a good laugh at them. We definitely find that to be true with these hilarious monster jokes and puns. Enjoy telling them to your family and friends for a wonderful time of laughter. 

67. What kind of tea do monsters drink?

68. What was the first thing that the monster ate after getting his teeth cleaned?
The dentist.

69. What happens when a monster hijacks an airplane?
A terror-flying experience.

70. Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Tyson who?
Tyson garlic around your neck to protect yourself from vampires.

71. What do you do when 10 monsters are at your front door?
Hope it’s Halloween.

72. Why were the other children upset with the vampire when they played baseball together?
Because all he wanted to do was bat.

73. What is the best way to reach the attic of a haunted house?
The Monstairs.

74. Why did the teenage vampires go into a cave?
Because they wanted to hang out.

75. Why couldn’t the mummy go to school with the witch?
He couldn’t spell.

76. Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Candy who?
Candy vampire really turn into a bat?

77. Monster: Where do fleas go in winter?
Werewolf: Search me.

78. What kind of vampire does dangerous somersaults?
An acro-bat.

79. What do you call a messy Japanese monster?

80. Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Haden who?
Haden out so the monster doesn’t get me.

81. When do monsters like to have parties?
On Halloween.

82. Why was the monster feeling sick?
Because it ate too much Halloween candy.

83. Where do monsters go swimming?
In the Dead Sea.

84. How do you keep a little monster in suspense?
I’ll tell you later.

85. What is a monster’s favorite position to play on the soccer team?

86. Why did the invisible man go on stage?
To perform his vanishing act.

87. Why did the monster eat a mini flash light?
Because he wanted a light snack.

88. What kind of horses do monsters ride?
Night mares.

89. What is a monster’s favorite summer drink?

90. Why does Frankenstein only shop on Black Friday?
Because of the monsterous sales.

91. What sport do giant monsters like playing the most?

92. Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Witches who?
Witches the way to the haunted house.

93. Why did the werewolf go to bed early?
Because he was dog-tired.

94. What do you call a Japanese monster that is also a rap singer?
Godzilla Ice.

95. Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Harry who?
Harry up there is a monster out here.

96. What’s the best thing to give a seasick monster?
Plenty of room.

97. I heard that you are hunting the Loch Ness monster.
Wishing the Beast of Loch to you!

98. What type of monster has two mouths?
One that has two heads.

99. When do monsters eat their breakfast?
In the moaning.

100. Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Chuck who?
Chuck and see if there are any monsters under your bed.

101. What do you call a monster made out of blood?
A hemogoblin.

102. Why are vampires like false teeth?
Because they come out at night.

103. How do vampires start their letters?
“Tomb it may concern…”

104. What’s it called when a vampire has trouble with his house?
A grave problem.

105. Why didn’t the mummy have any friends?
He was too wrapped up in himself.

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