100 Cheese Jokes & Puns So Gouda You’ll Go Crackers Over Them

100 Cheese Jokes & Puns So Gouda You'll Crackers Over Them
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Cheese jokes and puns are great for a silly laugh. Just like the real thing, cheese jokes go with almost any situation. Having a pizza? There’s surely a cheese joke in there. Want to get a burger? There is sure a cheese pun there too. 

Here are some funny cheese jokes that will get a smile from your listeners. 

Funny Cheese Jokes and Puns for a Laugh

Funny Cheese Jokes and Puns for a Laugh

1. Why did the cheese feel like it was always in trouble?
Because it was constantly being grilled!

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2. What type of books do cheese love to borrow from the library?
Cheesy novels!

3. Who is the cheese favorite detective?
Geronimo Stilton.

4. Why did the girl mozzarella cheese feel upset with the boy mozzarella cheese?
Because she felt he was stringing her along!

5. Why did the cheese decide to go to the doctor?
Because it was feeling crumbly!

6. What did the cheese say to itself after looking at mirror?
“You’re looking gouda.”

7. Why is it that jokes about Parmesan do not land?
Because they are too cheesy!

8. What happened when the air conditioning in the cheese factory broke?
There was a meltdown!

9. Why did the cheese save the world?
Because It was a super-curd!

10. How does Santa know which cheese to give presents to at Christmas time?
He checks the Naughty or Gouda list!

11. What do cheese say when they are about to take photo?

12. Why did one Margarita pizza hug itself?
Because it wanted to embrace its cheesy side!

13. How do to make a mouse smile?
Just say cheese!

14. What did the supervisor say to the truck driver who was backing up to the the loading bay with a truckload of parmesan?
Cheesy does it.

15. Why did the cheese have to find a job?
Because money doesn’t grow on cheese.

16. What did the cheese say to the hamburger to pick a fight?
You want a slice of me?

17. Why did the cheese want to go to space?
Because it wanted to explore the Milky Way!

18. Why did the cheese comedian say when he read a bad review about his show?
“How dairy not like my show!”

19. Why was the cheese so serious?
Because it was super mature.

20. How did the cheese win the race?
He ran as fast as his legs curd carry him.

21. What did the cheese teacher say to inspire his students?
Cheese the day! 

22. Why did the cheese refuse to get sliced?
It had grater plans.

23. Why did the cheese cry?
Because it was having a meltdown.

24. Why didn’t the cheese enjoy hanging out with the knife?
Because he always cuts the cheese.

25. What do you call cheese that talks too much?
A cheddar box.

Cheesy Cheese Jokes

Cheesy Cheese Jokes

Want more silly cheese jokes and puns that will get a groan? Here more jokes about cheese that have you laughing.

26. What does a lady in a mall do with a cheesy credit card?
Go on a shopping brie.

27. What is the most religious cheese in the world?
Swiss cheese. Because it’s holey.

28. Why did the dairy farmer decide to go on a diet?
Because he wanted to cheddar a few pounds.

29. Why did the cheese run for president?
Because he wanted to make his country grate again.

30. Why do the cheese slices look normal?
Because everything else on the plate is crackers.

31. What did the dairy farmer say to his daughter when she got dumped by her boyfriend?
You’re cheddar off without him.

32. What is a Dutch cheesemaker’s favorite exclamation?
For goudaness sake! 

33. Why did the Dutch bank accept cheese as a downpayment for a house?
Because it was as gouda as gold. 

34. What was the cheese boxing champion’s motto?
Float like a butterfly and sting like a brie.

35. What is Shakespeare’s most cheesy line? 
To brie or not to brie? That is the question.

36. How did the cheese propose to his girlfriend?
Would you brie mine? 

37. What is the favorite place that cheese like to visit in the Vatican City?
The Swisstine chapel.

38. What did the Greek cheese say to console his friend?
Things will get feta.

39. What is a cheesemaker’s favourite music?
R & Brie.

40. Why did the cheese go to the gym?
To get shredded.

41. What do cheesemakers eat with sushi?

42. What did the Swiss cheese say to the girl he fancied?
I’m quite fondue you.

43. What is the cheese’s favorite landmark in San Francisco?
The Golden Grate Bridge.

44. What is the cleverest cheese?
A sharp cheddar.

45. What do you call a cheese monster?

46. When can you tell that a cheese is lying?
When it is too Gouda to be true.

47. What did the cheese say to his idol?
I think you’re grate.

48. What happened when the French cheese factory exploded?
There was da brie everywhere.

49. What is a cheesemaker’s favorite sport?

50. What did the Dutch cheesemaker say to his apprentice before the final exam?
Gouda luck!

Cheese Puns that are Simply Fun

Cheese Puns that are Simply Fun

There are so many different types of cheeses out there. With names like brie, gouda and camembert, these cheese are all just perfect for puns. Here are some more cheese puns that you can appreciate.

51. Why can’t you trust brie? 
Because its no gouda.

52. Why are Swiss cheeses always invited to parties?
Because they are a hole lot of fun.

53. Did you hear about the movie about Swiss cheese?
The plot has a lot of holes in it.

54. What do you call the neighbour’s cheese?
Nacho cheese.

55. Why was shredded cheese upset with his report card at school?
Because he felt unfairly grated.

56. Why is it dangerous to drop a block of cheddar on your feet?
Because it is sharp.

57. Why did the cheesemaker sleep so well?
Because sweet dreams are made of cheese.

58. What is the cheesiest dance?
The Munster mash.

59. Why was the cheese accepted into mensa?
Because it was brie-liant.

60. What race do cheese take part in on track and field day?

61. Why couldn’t the cheddar find anyone to go on a date with him?
Because he was too cheesy.

62. What is a beaver’s favorite type of cheese?

63. What did the daddy cheese do with his son on a rainy day?
Build a roquefort.

64. What cheese cries a lot?

65. Who is a cheesemaker’s favorite singer?

66. How do Dutch cheese greet each other?
Hope you are having a gouda day.

67. What did plump cheese say to the skinny cheese?
“Do you think I’m feta?”

68. What cheese do you use to protect a castle?

69. What is the saddest type of cheese?
Blue cheese. 

70. What did the Swiss cheese say to his girlfriend when he had to move to America?
Absence makes the heart grow fondue.

71. What is a cheesemaker’s favorite Beatles song?
Let it brie.

72. What did the cheese say when it was getting shredded?
I’m falling to pizzas.

73. Which hotel do cheesemakers stay at when they are on holiday?
The Stilton.

74. What is a zombie’s favorite type of cheese?

75. Why did the cheesemaker give up his profession?
He was tired of the daily rind.

More Cheese Jokes and Puns for Kids

More Cheese Jokes and Puns for Kids

Need more cheese jokes for kids? Here are some that you can go crackers over around the family dining table.

76. Why couldn’t the cheese fall asleep?
He was afraid of the munster below his bed.

77. What is the musical type of cheese?

78. What did the mozzarella use to play the drums?
Cheese sticks.

79. What is a pirate’s favorite type of cheese?

80. What did the cheese say to his Valentine?
Brie mine.

81. Why the cheese say to the hipster Cheddar cheese?
Looking sharp! 

82. What did the one cheese sandwich say to the other cheese sandwich?
Grilled to meet you. 

83. How did the Cheddar sign off his letter to his girlfriend?
Hugs and cheeses.

84. What did the barman say to the cheese who started a fight?
Hit the road, Monterrey Jack!

85. What did the cheese say after a rough day?
Gouda take the good with the bad.

86. What did the cheese say to excuse his wife and himself from the party?
Ricotta get going.

87. Did you hear about the guy with the cheddar cheese addiction?
Good thing is it only mild.

88. Why was the cheesemaker so happy?
Because life was gouda. 

89. Did you hear about the girl who ran into cheese in the woods?
It is called Goldilocks and the three Camemberts.

90. What British sitcom do cheese lovers like to watch?
Curd Your Enthusiasm.

91. What is a cheese lover’s favorite ride at Disneyland?
Pirates of the Carri-brie-an.

92. What happens why you run out of cheese puns?
You have to milk the dairy puns instead.

93. What is the cheesiest weather?
A light bries.

94. What did the cheese do with its handkerchief?
Bleu its nose.

95. What do you call a cheese expert?
A cheese whiz.

96. How did the cheese end up with curly hair?
It got a perm-esean.

97. What is a basketball player’s favorite type of cheese?
Swish cheese.

98. What cheese do you use to hide a small horse?

99. What cheese is made backwards?

100. What is a cheese maker’s favorite dessert?
Ice cream cheese.

If you’ve enjoyed these cheese jokes, we think you’ll enjoy these pizza jokes and coffee jokes too!  

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