Sentosa Islander: Useful Guide To Enjoying The Island Life Membership

Guide To Sentosa Islander: Enjoy The Island Life Membership
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If you love to chill by the sand and sea at Sentosa, then the Sentosa Islander membership programme is something that you will definitely want to sign up for. There are many benefits and perks of being a Sentosa Islander, allowing you to enjoy the island life even more.

What is Sentosa Islander? 

Sentosa Islander is Sentosa’s digital rewards programme. It allows members to enjoy different perks on the island. These range from welcome vouchers that you can spend to birthday treats and invitation only experiences. 

What is Sentosa Islander? 

The Sentosa Islander programme is linked to the MySentosa app. This allows Sentosa Islanders to earn points that can be redeemed for vouchers, and unlock new benefits. 

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The MySentosa app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Sentosa Islander Membership Tiers

The Sentosa Islander programme is divided up into three tiers. 

The most basic tier is the Islander Explorer tier. This is free for everyone to join. What’s more, once you have joined, memberships is for life.

The next tier of membership is Islander Insider. To get to this level, you will need to earn point by spending on Sentosa. Once you have reached the Islander Insider level, you will unlock new perks that you can enjoy on Sentosa. 

The top tier of Sentosa Islander membership is the Islander Priority. To reach this level, you will be upgraded after earning more points by spending even more money. 

So, how many points do you need to accumulate to reach each of these levels? Here is a table that provides an overview of the points that you need to rank up on Sentosa Islander.

  Islander Explorer Islander Insider Islander Priority
Points Required 0 (Free to join) 400 5,000


Of course, the question is then, “how much do I need to spend to earn a point?”

Well, you will earn 1 point for every $1 spent. However, take note that you will need to spend at least $20 in a single receipt to earn points.

Unfortunately, that means that you can’t just simply buy a single drink bottle that costs a couple of dollars to earn points. Instead, it will need to be least $20 in a single receipt.

What are the Perks and Benefits of being an Islander Member?

So, should you even sign up as a Sentosa Islander? Is it even worth it? 

The answer is yes! 

To join at the first tier, Islander Explorer, is free and since it is a lifetime membership, you can accumulate your points as and when you are spending at Sentosa.

For a clearer overview of the perks and benefits that you will enjoy as you move up the tiers, here is a helpful table. 

  Islander Explorer Islander Insider Islander Priority
  • Welcome vouchers
  • Earn 1 point for every S$1 spend
  • Spend at least $20 in a single receipt to earn points
  • Redeem vouchers with points earned
  • Perks & benefits at participating outlets
  • $20 birthday treat
  • Up to 4 hours of free parking at selected car parks
  • 365 days of free island admission
  • Early access to curated experiences


  • Welcome vouchers
  • Earn 1 point for every S$1 spend
  • Spend at least $20 in a single receipt to earn points
  • Redeem vouchers with points earned
  • Perks & benefits at participating outlets
  • Redeem a one-night hotel stay with 5,000 points
  • Reserved parking lots at Beach Station Car Park (coming soon)
  • Invitation-only experiences
  • $20 birthday treat
  • Up to 4 hours of free parking at selected car parks
  • 365 days of free island admission
  • Early access to curated experiences


  • Welcome vouchers
  • Earn 1 point for every S$1 spend
  • Spend at least $20 in a single receipt to earn points
  • Redeem vouchers with points earned
  • Perks & benefits at participating outlets


The one-night hotel stay for Islander Priority members is either at Oasia Resort Sentosa or Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa.

How to Enjoy Free Sentosa Island Admission

One thing to take note of is that if you wish to enjoy free island admission, which is one of the perks that many will appreciate, you will need to at least be a Islander Insider – i.e. the second tier. 

For Sentosa Islanders who have reached the Islander Insider or Islander Priority tiers and wish to enjoy the free admission to Sentosa, they can do the following:

  • For those who are driving in via the Sentosa Gantry: input your private vehicle number and IU number under your profile to have your vehicle registered 24 hours before driving into Sentosa.
  • For those who are taking the Sentosa Express monorail: Log in to your account and scan your membership QR code when entering Sentosa Express located at VivoCity, Level 3, Lobby L.

You will have to remember to remove the cashcard from the vehicle IU or switch off your mobile device’s NFC / Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay before flashing the QR code.

For the rest of us who may not yet have achieved the required level, there is still free island admission if we enter Sentosa on foot via the Sentosa bridge walkway. At least, there is a nice view! 

Signing Up for the Sentosa Islander Membership Programme

The good news is that the signing up for the Sentosa Islander programme is free for the most basic tier, Islander Explorer.

This programme is open to all residents living in Singapore and tourists, aged 15 years and above with a unique registered email address and mobile number.  

To do so, just download the MySentosa app and then sign up via the app. 

It is also possible to sign up for membership on the Sentosa website. You can do so here.

Maintaining the Sentosa Islander Status

Just take note that while your Sentosa Islander membership is for life, the Islander Insider and Insider Priority tiers are only valid for one year. It will be automatically be renewed if you have spent enough points to remain on that tier, but if not, you will lose the membership tier status.

How to Earn Points

How to Earn Points

All ready to start earning points to level up your membership status?

Spending on the Island

You can earn points with a minimum of $20 nett spent in a single receipt at participating outlets when you are on the island. 

After spending the amount, log in to your Islander membership account on the MySentosa app and click on the button that says “Earn Point”.

Then use the app to scan the QR code of the participating outlets and key in the amount spent. Finally, get the staff at the participating out to verify that the purchase has been made.

Online Purchases

If you have made your purchase online, you can then go over to the any of the Sentosa ticketing counters within 30 days from the date of purchase to earn point. You will need to have your email confirmation of your online purchase and your Islander account for verification. 

The Sentosa ticketing counters can be found at VivoCity Station (VivoCity Level 3), Resorts World Station, Imbiah Lookout and the Beach Station. 

Do take note that there is a limit to the number of points that you can earn per day. There is a cap of 600 points (which is the equivalent of $600 spend) per day, per receipt and per member.

What Can Be Redeemed with Points?

For every 400 points earned, you can redeem a $5 cash voucher to offset your spends at any of the participating outlets.

For every 5,000 points earned, you can redeem a hotel night stay on Sentosa.

Do take note that all points are only valid for one year. So you have to keep track of the points that you have and redeem them before they expire. There is no extension of points beyond the one year period.

Participating Outlets for the Sentosa Islander Programme

You can choose to earn point or redeem your vouchers at the following participating outlets (correct as of August 2023):

  • 1-Altitude Coast
  • Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
  • Arbora Café @ Sentosa Station
  • Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro
  • Bedrock Origin
  • Bikini Bar
  • Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House
  • Boaters’ Bar
  • Casserole
  • Chi, The Spa
  • Co+Nut+ink
  • Coastes
  • Dusk Restaurant & Bar
  • Eco Alfresco Café @ Siloso Beach Resort
  • Far East Hospitality – Oasia Resort Sentosa
  • Far East Hospitality – The Barracks Hotel
  • Far East Hospitality – The Outpost Hotel Sentosa
  • Far East Hospitality – Village Hotel Sentosa
  • FOC Sentosa
  • Forest Play
  • Gin Khao Bistro
  • Golfer’s Terrace
  • Good Old Days Food Court
  • HeadRock VR
  • iFly Singapore
  • International Food Street*
  • Kailash Parbat
  • Kwee Zeen
  • LeBar
  • Le Faubourg
  • Madame Tussauds Singapore
  • Market Hall
  • Mega Adventure Park
  • MIYOSHI by Fat Cow
  • My Queen
  • Mykonos On The Bay Greek Restaurant
  • Native Kitchen
  • Nestopia
  • Ola Beach Club
  • ONE°15 Marina
  • Panamericana
  • Petpawroni
  • Royal Albatross Luxury Tall Ship*
  • Rumours Beach Club
  • Sabio by the Sea
  • Sand Bar
  • Scentopia
  • Sentosa 4D AdventureLand
  • Sentosa Island Bus Tour
  • Sentosa Fun Shop
  • Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore
  • Shutters
  • Siloso Beach Resort
  • Silver Shell Café
  • Singapore Cable Car*
  • Singapore Cable Car Gift Shop*
  • SkyHelix Sentosa*
  • SkyPark Sentosa by AJ Hackett
  • Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
  • Sofitel Spa
  • Solepomodoro Trattoria Pizzeria
  • Sol & Ora
  • Summerhouse Beach Club
  • Tanjong Beach Club
  • Trapizza
  • Trickeye @ Southside
  • Tree Art Sentosa
  • TungLok Heen
  • VIVA Pilates | Wellness | Beauty
  • White Sails Yacht
  • Wings of Time*
  • WOK°15 Kitchen
  • YachtCruise SG

*Cash voucher cannot be used at SkyHelix Sentosa, Singapore Cable Car, Wings of Time, International Food Street and Royal Albatross Luxury Tall Ship.

Take note that recurring fees such as school/tuition fees, club membership fees, utility fees and other similar payments are not entitled to earn points. 

Experience the Island Life with Sentosa’s Islander

Sentosa's Islander Membership

With the Sentosa Islander membership, especially if you have at least the second tier, you will most probably be very familiar with the island. 

It is always fun to explore the island and all its attractions as well as its different dining options. Whether it be heading over to Fort Siloso, Singapore’s only preserved coastal fort, where history becomes more vivid as you walk through its old buildings and structures, or if you head out to Sentosa’s beaches. There is plenty to enjoy at Sentosa, especially with the Islander membership.

While at Sentosa, you may also wish to check out The Palawan lifestyle precinct, which includes Splash Tribe family club and the HyperDrive indoor go-karting circuit.

Find out more about all the perks and rewards, including the sign up link, for the Sentosa Islander membership.

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