SkyHelix Sentosa: 5 Things To Know As You Take To The Skies

5 Things To Expect At SkyHelix Sentosa
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The highly anticipated SkyHelix Sentosa is the island’s latest attraction and it will open ahead of schedule on 15 December 2021, just in time to catch the crowd for the school holidays and year-end celebrations.

5 things to expect at the new SkyHelix Sentosa attraction

The SkyHelix is currently Singapore’s highest open-air panoramic ride and Sentosa’s “first carbon-neutral attraction”.

The towering ride is located within the collection of attractions at Imbiah Lookout, next to the cable car station and opposite from the Skyline Luge Sentosa reception at the top of the hill.

Thinking of heading down to experience the thrills of it for yourself? Here are 5 things to expect at the new SkyHelix Sentosa attraction.

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5 Things To Expect At SkyHelix Sentosa

1. Breathtaking views from 79 metres above sea level

Breathtaking Views

Look forward to an unforgettable gondola ride that reveals breathtaking views as it gently rotates 35 metres above ground along a vertical helix-like structure.

Guests will be seated and safely strapped in

Guests will be seated and safely strapped in an open-air gondola for the 12-minute ride, which includes 10 minutes at the peak, during which the gondola will slowly rotate. The ride’s apex is 79 metres above sea level, making it one of the highest vantage points on Sentosa.

A unique view of surrounding landmarks

At the top, guests will enjoy unparalleled 360° sights of Sentosa and the developing Greater Southern Waterfront. They can also get a beautiful view of the surrounding landmarks such as Keppel Bay and Singapore’s first floating waterpark, Hydrodash.

2. Cool breeze and fresh air

Breathtaking Views

One of the enjoyable parts of the ride was the fresh air at the top. With the sea breeze and the sight of the surroundings, it was a great experience having the wind in our hair.

3. Make sure to dress appropriately

We recommend guests to ensure that they are dressed appropriately in properly fitted clothing and shoes.

We also do not recommend any loose items to be brought up such as hats or tissues as the winds get very strong as the SkyHelix ascends. Cameras should also be able to be secured.

4. A chance to overcome the fear of heights and rediscover the love of flying

A chance to "fly"

We enjoyed the ride and were pleasantly surprised by how much SkyHelix Sentosa reminded us of being up in the air. We even needed some time to “regain our land legs” when stepping off the ride.

Even for those who may have a bit of a phobia of heights, the ride is a chance to let loose and simply enjoy the sensation of flight.

5. A complimentary drink with every ride

A complimentary drink and a selection of snacks

Each “flight” comes with a complimentary cool beverage exclusively created for SkyHelix Sentosa by the team behind the acclaimed cocktails at Dusk Restaurant & Bar located at Mount Faber Peak. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to get the beverage, you can take home an exclusive SkyHelix Sentosa souvenir.

How to get tickets to SkyHelix Sentosa

How to get tickets to SkyHelix Sentosa

Tickets for SkyHelix Sentosa are priced at $18 for adults and $15 for children between the ages of four and 12, inclusive of the complimentary drink or souvenir.

There are also unique ready-to-drink cocktails as well as canned drinks, milkshakes and mocktails available for guests to enjoy. Pastries, fruits and ice creams are also available for guests to enjoy. Alcoholic beverages and snacks subject to additional pricing.

SkyHelix Sentosa tickets are now available for purchase on Mount Faber Leisure Group’s website.

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