Play Nation: Get Together Over Food and Games

Play Nation game cafe
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Don’t be surprised if you hear screams, squeals and laughter coming from the rooms or next table at Play Nation game cafe. It is probably just the other patrons caught up in the excitement of the moment.

Playing games at Play Nation is a decidedly social affair. Whether board games or console games, playing games at a game cafe is something that friends and family can come together to do.

Dining at Play Nation

Play Nation's dining roomPlay Nation has a restaurant section which serves those who are just looking for a meal.

Classic Fish & ChipsOn the menu are items such as Grilled Halibut, Classic Fish and Chips and Buttermilk Chicken Cutlet.

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Buttermilk Chicken at Play NationThe cost of lunch ranges from $8.90 to $9.90 and includes tea and coffee. The food at Play Nation is decent and served in sizable portions.

Playing Games

Games at Play NationHowever, if you are looking for more than just food, Play Nation is a spot that you can hang out with friends and family for a good time playing games.

To do so, you will need to purchase either a console game or board game package. These are time-based packages and include free flow of drinks.

The console game package covers the use of both console and board games. The board game package allows for the use of Play Nation’s board games only.

Play Nation's console gaming stationIf you choose the console game package, you will need to proceed to one of Play Nation’s gaming rooms. This is an enclosed room, separate from the dining area.

There are two types of game consoles available in the gaming rooms – Xbox 360 and Wii. You can choose from a pool of games on a shelf in the dining area. These are available on a first come first served basis.

Board Games at Play NationThose who get the board game package can similarly choose from a selection of board games. These include classics like Monopoly, Cluedo and others.

If you are organising an outing to Play Nation, it is best to call ahead to make a reservation for your party as there are a limited number of game rooms available.

Play Nation has three locations to choose from – Prinsep Street, Scape and Tampines Hub. You can also check with them if they have the games which you want to play available when you call.

Play Nation Game Cafe

Prinsep Street Address: 58 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188686
Contact: 63369578

Scape Address: 2 Orchard Link, #03-02, Singapore 237978
Contact: 66343065

Tampines Hub Address: 51 Tampines Avenue 4, #B1-17/18/19, Singapore 529684
Contact: 69044885

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