Happy Birthday, Singapore Zoo! Here’s A Look Back At Our Favourite Zoo Stories.

New Elephant Presentation at Singapore Zoo: Natural Behaviours On Display - Happy Birthday, Singapore Zoo! Here’s A Look Back At Our Favourite Zoo Stories.
Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore
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Singapore Zoo first opened its doors on 27 June 1973. That makes it 47 this year. Happy Birthday, Singapore Zoo.

Like many others during this time, it is having to have a modified celebration since it is still temporarily closed during the post-circuit breaker phase 2 period.

Happy Birthday, Singapore Zoo!

Now firmly middle-aged, the Singapore Zoo began life as the Singapore Zoological Gardens. It started off with just 270 animals. Today, it is part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Even though we are unable to pay a visit to Singapore Zoo during this time, we thought to share 10 of our favourite stories of Singapore Zoo that we’ve covered over the years.

1. Must-see Animals

Crocodile at Sungei Buaya, Singapore Zoo

Here is a story on some of our favourite animals at Singapore Zoo.

2. Easily Missed Spots around Singapore Zoo

Feeding Goats on a Visit to the Singapore Zoo

It is easy to get lost around Singapore Zoo. Here are some places you may have missed.

3. RepTopia

Reptopia - Happy Birthday Singapore Zoo

The RepTopia exhibit which opened in 2017 replaced the old snake house. Read more about it here.

4. Fragile Forest

Have A Fluttering Encounter At Singapore Zoo’s Fragile Forest Butterfly Aviary
Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

We’ve always enjoyed the chance to get upclose to the animals at the Fragile Forest. Read more here.

5. Koalas at the Zoo (2015)

Koalas at Singapore Zoo

It was also nice to have koalas visiting the Singapore Zoo. Plus, we had the opportunity to interview a koala keeper.

6. Rainforest KidzWorld

Rainforest Kidzworld

The dedicated children’s area at Singapore Zoo holds plenty of fun for kids. Read more here.

7. Zoo-rassic Park (2016)


In 2016, we had a chance to “meet” dinosaurs at the Zoo.

8. Mammoth Adventure Back in Time (2019)

Mammoth Adventures back in Time

In 2019, we ventured into a jungle filled with mega fauna at Singapore Zoo.

9. Land of Giants (2017)

Land of Giants at Singapore Zoo

It seems that larger-than-life animatronic animals are a common theme at the Zoo.

10. Rainforest Lumina

Rainforest Lumina, Singapore Zoo

A unique experience was walking around the Zoo at night.

Happy Birthday, Singapore Zoo.