A Mammoth Adventure Back In Time at Singapore Zoo

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Come face to face with the prehistoric megafauna at Singapore Zoo during the school holidays with the new exhibition A Mammoth Adventure Back In Time. Have an encounter with the wooly mammoth, towering hornless rhinoceros and other relatives of modern mammals.

A Mammoth Adventure Back in Time at the Valley of Giants

There are a total of 15 animatronic replicas of these ancient creatures at Singapore Zoo’s A Mammoth Adventure Back In Time. Catch a view of the renowned sabre-toothed-cat stalking its prey. Be awed by the megatherium – a sloth that is the size of a bear. Other prehistoric “animals” that you will encounter at Singapore Zoo during the November – December 2019 school holidays include the less well-known glyptodon. This creature is a giant armoured mammal and relative of the modern armadillo.

The animatronic creatures will move with life-like movements.

A Mammoth Adventure Back in Time Trail

Visitors to the Singapore Zoo during the year-end school holidays will be able to pick up an educational trail sheets and embark on a self-guided trail to help mammoth calf Momo search for her mother.

Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with little Momo and a pair of cavemen who will be making appearances throughout the day.


There will also be activity stations at A Mammoth Adventure Back In Time. Take part in Jumbo Games to learn about mammoth’s modern day cousins, or try to digitally paint a prehistoric creature. Activities take place on weekends only between 16 November to 29 December 2019.

To really get immersed into the caveman theme, kids can dress up in a caveman-inspired outfit. The first 100 “CaveKids” will enjoy free admission to the Singapore Zoo on 23 and 24 November before 1 pm.

Gentle Giants Wildlife Tour

Those who wish to delve deeper into the way that these prehistoric animals’ modern day cousins are cared for can sign up for the Gentle Giants Wildlife Tour. Interact with the animals as they enjoy their feedings and learn about how they get their check-ups. This is a paid experience.

Event Information

A Mammoth Adventure Back In Time at Singapore Zoo

Start date: 16/11/19 0:00
End date: 29/12/19 23:59

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