6 Spots You’ve Probably Missed When Visiting the Singapore Zoo

Feeding Goats on a Visit to the Singapore Zoo
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We love visiting the Singapore Zoo with kids. Its world-famous, open-concept design allows curious little ones to get up close with their favourite animals. From lions and other big cats in the Wild Africa zone to the playful primates swinging from the trees, there is something to bring out the child in every visitor at the Singapore Zoo.

Visiting the Singapore Zoo

Every visitor makes it a point to watch the entertaining wildlife shows Splash Safari and Animal Friends when at the Singapore Zoo. And, the stars of the zoo, like the orangutans, elephants and white tigers, are well-visited too.

But, did you know there are a few less well-known spots around the Singapore Zoo you could easily miss out on even though they are right under your nose?

Here are 6 oft-overlooked kid-friendly spots that you should keep an eye out for the next time you are visiting the Singapore Zoo with kids.

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Otter Den

Otter Den at the Singapore Zoo

Visiting the Singapore Zoo - Lower Level of Otter Den

The playful otters always attract a crowd. You will find most people in front of the open-air enclosure admiring the family of furry mammals. However, to get an alternative perspective of “Otter World”, look for Heliconia Walk slightly past the enclosure and follow the little path downwards. This leads to a small alcove on the left. This little nook provides a waterline-level view of the cute Asian small-clawed otters and their living habitat.

Frog Room

Frog Room at Fragile Forest Exhibit

Frog Room at Fragile Forest, Singapore Zoo

Frogs are fascinating. At the frog exhibit, young ones will have “ribbitting” fun trying to spot the ably-camouflaged amphibians. Kids can literally press up against the glass walls and test their powers of observation trying to spot the frogs. Be sure to look for the odd-looking Malayan Horned Frog and the tadpoles swimming around in another.

Elephant Hut

Elephant Hut - Elephants of Asia

Elephants of Asia - Visiting the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo’s Elephants at Work and Play show draws in the crowds twice daily to the Elephants of Asia enclosure. Other than the majestic pachyderms’ antics, visitors can also stop by a hut with facts and information about the world’s largest land mammal. The second floor of the two-storey hut is accessible by ladder. Kids (with adult supervision) will have fun climbing up to the upper level where there are more elephant facts waiting to be discovered.

Mole-rat Hideout

Visiting the Singapore Zoo - Mole-rats

Learning about mole-rats at the Singapore Zoo

At the heart of cat country are a pack of rats – mole-rats to be exact. These creatures, also known as sand puppies, have their own miniature condo block of burrows and recesses. Kids can even pretend to be mole-rats themselves by ducking into a tunnel to dig out the facts about these hairless East African natives.

Goat-feeding at Singapore Zoo

Feeding Goats on a Visit to the Singapore Zoo

Goat Feed at the Singapore Zoo

Rainforest KidzWorld is “Kid HQ” at the Singapore Zoo. The playground’s splashing water bucket draws kids by the droves. There is also the lure of paid amusements like an animal carousel and pony-rides. Besides these, those in the know will head over to the goat pens. Here, kids can break off the leaves from specially-hung tree branches to feed other kids – I mean baby goats, of course. It is a fun (and free) way to interact with the animals.

Orang Utan Boardwalk

Orang Utans at the Singapore Zoo

Orang Utan Boardwalk - Visiting the Singapore Zoo

The orang utans are the pride of Singapore Zoo. Free-ranging, the best place to admire them is at Orang Utan Island. Most visitors stand by along the moat opposite the Ah Meng Restaurant to view them. You can head up the nearby ramp to the Orang Utan Boardwalk for an elevated view of these great apes. This raised platform provides a better vantage point to observe these arboreal “Men of the Forest”.

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