Taking On The Vertical Challenge: Climbing Four Levels Of Netted Fun

Vertical Challenge - Coastal PlayGrove
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The iconic Big Splash tower at East Coast Park has now been reimagined as a playground and, standing at 16 metres high, it is the tallest outdoor play feature in Singapore. Within the building is the vertical net play known as the Vertical Challenge and is it something that beckons one and all to scale its heights.

four levels of play

The Vertical Challenge has four levels of play. Its design revolves around the theme of waves and shores as a tribute to coastal vibes of East Coast Park.

01 vertical challenge 1

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The structure of the Vertical Challenge is colour-coded red, orange, yellow, green and blue. These colours are reminiscent of the colourful waterslides in the former Big Splash water park.

Here are the different play elements you can find at each of the levels.

Vertical Challenge At Coastal PlayGrove

Blue Zone

10 vertical challenge

On the bottom-most floor, find a variety of play elements such as stepping plates that kids can balance on as well as swaying nets that are designed to resemble waves along the shore. This level is most suitable for younger children, 5 to 12 years old to climb and explore.

Green Zone

Vertical Challenge - Waves of Fun

The second level is where the various rope-based obstacles can be found and here you can try your hands and muscles at disc swings where you can try climbing up from one obstacle to the next.

Yellow Zone

04 vertical challenge

Filled with obstacles such as link bridges and suspended grip walls, this level is most suitable for older kids due to the larger gaps between the different obstacles. On this level, one can also find the first enclosed tube slide at Coastal PlayGrove at 7.3 metres above ground. It is accessible from the ramp on the outside of the Vertical Challenge.

Orange Zone

03 vertical challenge 1

Test your balance as you haul yourself up to the very top with the wobbly platform. Once you get up, enjoy resting on the various swings while enjoying the view from the very top of the tower.

Slides at Coastal PlayGrove

At the very top is also where you will find the tallest enclosed tube slide in Singapore that stands 11.9 meters tall. The slide is accessible from the external ramp of the orange level and allows riders to woosh right down to the bottom!

The Vertical Challenge

Coastal PlayGrove Playground: 16-Metre High Play Tower of Fun

The Vertical Challenge is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 8 am to 8 pm. It is closed for maintenance on Mondays.

While the Vertical Challenge is recommended for those who are 13 years old and older, and at least 1.1 metres tall, if kids have the bravado and upper body strength to tackle the climbing challenge, they can do so. Parents are welcome to accompany them too!

As there is only one circular entrance at the bottom of the Vertical challenge, it might be difficult to make it to the top during high traffic periods or in the case of kids who might have changed their mind about wanting to climb up to the top. Thus the best way to access the slides and other higher levels will be via the ramp which leads to a gate.

We also recommend that you go with proper footwear and clothes so that there is a better grip and comfort when climbing the nets.

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