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Discover the best Korea travel ideas, stories attractions and activities for families and children, including new places to go. This your go-to source for travel as a family with kids.


Herb Island, Korea: Fairy Tale Fantasies & European-Themed Lands

If your children love fairy tales, be sure to take them to Pocheon Herb Island when you visit South Korea. They can dress up...

Onemount, South Korea: Good Times At The Water Park And Snow Park

On our recent family tour to South Korea, the first attraction we visited was Onemount in Goyang City, outside of Seoul.Rain or shine, summer...

Korea With Kids: Family Fun In Seoul With Theme Parks, Hanboks And Spectacular Sights

South Korea has always been one of the places that my wife and I wanted to visit; we are drawn to the fascinating food,...
Countries of the World: South Korea

Interview With Lee Jee Eun, General Manager of the Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)

In Little Day Out’s Countries of the World series, we ask expatriates living in Singapore to tell us more about their home countries, their...
Holiday with Seoul

Holiday with Seoul: Things to Do with Kids in South Korea

Korean movies, K-pop and Kimchi are the three Ks South Korea’s Seoul is most famously known for. Yet, two Seoul searching trips later, the...
Teddy Bear Museums in Jeju Island, South Korea

Teddy Bear Museums on South Korea’s Jeju Island: Beary Special Fun

Teddy bears were first introduced more than 100 years ago. Yet, their appeal is timeless. Children (and, we suspect, adults alike) cherish and cuddle...

Bite-sized Parenting: Annyeong – The Universal Language of Hello

"Annyeong!"Our little boy raced out of the lift with a bright smile on his face. He waved his hands in delight at the middle-aged...