7 Unique Ways to Celebrate the Long Easter Weekend

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This Easter, there is good news and plenty of ways to celebrate and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

Here are seven ideas to help you make the most of your long weekend in Singapore:

1. Forget Expensive Easter Sunday Brunches.

Pack your own picnic basket and head to the parks for your own Sunday brunch. We have plenty of tips on how to enjoy the park life and you can pack whatever you and the kids love. If you love music, be sure to join in the fun at the NAC-ExxonMobil Concert in the Park being held at West Coast Park on 31 March, Sunday.

2. Launch a Kite

Fly a kite at Marina Barrage. This is a wonderful activity which the whole family can do jointly. Watch the kites ascend to the heavens, shoot the breeze together and take in the magnificent views from the edge of the city.

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3. Release of the Butterflies

Won’t it be significant to let the kids see if they can spot wrapped-up cocoons emerging to take their maiden flight on a Easter Sunday? Unfortunately, the free-to-enter Butterfly Garden at HortPark is closed for maintenance till further notice, but the rest of HortPark is still open. And you can still catch butterflies too at the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom at Sentosa or literally catch the Flight of the Butterflies, an adventure story of the Monarch butterfly at the Omni Theatre!

4. Organise an Egg Hunt

Eggs, symbols of fertility and immortality, have been an age-old Easter tradition. Get your friends and their children together for this fun activity out in the park. Find out how to put an easy egg hunt together!

5. Go on a Chocolate Hunt

Eggs are not quite your thing? Why not head out in search of chocolates instead? As a little treat, let the kids choose their own chocolate bunnies or eggs. The shops and supermarkets are full of them during this season.

6. Head to the Airport

The March school holidays may have just ended but Changi Airport’s Fascinating Russia Ice Skating Rink that was organised for the holidays is still available this Saturday and Sunday. If you missed it during the holidays, you can still catch it this weekend, 30 and 31 March. A minimum spend at Changi Airport applies in order to venture on to the ice.

Ice Skating

7. Watch the Sun Rise

Want something simpler, hassle-free, yet poignant? Wake the kids up before the crack of dawn and bundle them off to the Changi Point Coastal Walk or East Coast Beach to watch the sunrise! There are plenty of wonderful places to catch the first rays of light in Singapore. It’ll be quite an adventure to go off in the dark and the first person who catches the first glimpse of a sun ray can burst forth in song!

So there you have it. Seize this weekend, treasure the time together and have a great Little Day Out this Easter weekend!


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