7 Fun Ideas for a Wonderful Day in the Park

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There is nothing like the great outdoors. Even here in tropical Singapore, mornings and evenings are great times for families to enjoy the green spaces, parks and gardens within our urban city.

Little Day Out offers seven fun ideas of things you can bring and do with the kids in the green spaces and parks around the Garden City of Singapore.

1. Bring a Ball

Nothing is as universally fun as a ball. Whether just kicking it around, tossing it to each other or playing monkey, a ball offers countless things to do in the park. Kids love chasing after them and it is a great way to get them active and moving.Hantam bola, anyone?

Ball2. Pack a Picnic

You don’t need a fancy basket to have a picnic and tau huay is always welcomed! A quick stop at your favourite coffee shop or bakery can provide you with all you need for your very own picnic. Find a well-shaded spot, open up a mat and soon you will be enjoying al fresco dining without paying through your nose.

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3. Shoulder a Scooter

Skate scooters are a fun and easy way for kids to get around a park. Scooters offer freedom, opening up new adventures for kids as they zip around the park. Amazingly, we have even seen children scootering on the grass with skate scooters. Pack the scooters and the kids are sure to have a rolling good time!

4. Bubbly Bubbles

Which child doesn’t love playing with soap bubbles? There are handheld bubble wands with varying sizes, or if you are looking for something easier on the lungs, invest in a mechanised bubble machine and churn out bubbles on an industrial scale. Once the bubbles get floating, expect to attract kids from all around looking for some bubbly fun.


5. Kiddy Kites

Take to the skies with a kite. Choose a kite your kid can handle on their own and even if the park is not especially windy; it is not likely to stop your kid from running laps to try and get the kite up into the atmosphere.

6. Drawing Blocks

Get some creative inspiration from Mother Nature. Bring along a drawing block, crayons and colouring pencils to the park and ask them to draw what they see around them. Give them a theme and see where their imagination takes them. Best of all, you get to take home a memory of your day which can take pride of place on the fridge.


7. Phone a Friend

Probably, the best ‘thing’ you can bring to Singapore’s parks and gardens is a friend. Organise a simple outing for your child with their friends to the park. There is no need for an elaborate programme or a lot of pre-planning as kids just enjoy playing with their friends. Let them loose and they will soon be playing games like police-and-thief, having a ball of a time and enjoying Singapore’s green outdoor parks and spaces with their friends.


So, there you have it, seven fun ideas for a wonderful day out at the park or gardens in Singapore. Now, pick from all the fantastic parks and gardens in Singapore that are perfect for family outings and you’re all ready for a great Little Day Out!

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